Amazing first date but mediocre second date?

So I went out on a first date last week. It was awesome! We didn't mess around but I felt so in sync with him and felt attracted, we talked for hours. We had another date, it was not bad, but I didn't feel as into him and I don't know why. I started to analyze him more closely.

Is this normal?


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  • I think you're overanalyzing everything at this point. You've only been on two dates. If you still like him, give him more of a chance and go on a few more dates before you start to make any sort of decisions about him. Especially if the first one was so great. Try to just enjoy everything and not think into it so much. Good luck! :)


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  • That's the unfortunate part about dating. Especially in the beginning parts.
    The first date sets the standard, and a guy must work to impress a woman even more during the second and third.
    Keep in mind, life is in a constant state of flux. Excitement waxes and wanes. If you like the guy, it shouldn't be an issue.
    If you're just out to have a good time, find somebody with money.

  • Let him take you out on a few more dates before anything else happens. That way you'll see whats up

    • He asked me out again I said yes

    • Atta girl! Keep your wits about you. Dont give in to him

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  • It's called a second opinion!