Bad third date?

I met a guy online two months ago. We didn't really see each other until three weeks ago. He acted like he's very interested in me... texting several times every day since we have met in person. He initiated all the texts.

The first two dates went quite well. We held hands and kissed goodbye on the second date.

He doesn't really make plans, but only set time and date to meet me. So before the third date, I made reservation for a romantic place for dinner. He then texted me two hours before saying he didn't feel good and couldn't make it. I said it was alright. Then he suggested meeting for lunch the next day near my place. I said ok.

He didn't text me until 2pm and I got a bit pissed so I said I had lunch already. He got a bit frustrated but we met in the end. It didn't go very well, coz we didn't have enough topic to talk about. He quickly went back to work afterwards. He kissed me goodbye and mentioned we could see each other during the weekend.

He didn't text me that day and didn't wish me good luck or ask about my big job thing until I mentioned it today.

I saw he checked in his online dating profile yesterday and today. Before the third date, he never did that.

What shall I do?

by the way, I never liked the idea of lunch date at an early stage...


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  • sounds like that last meetup affected everything. do you still like him and want to try taking things further? if yes then maybe try reaching out to him.

    • shall I ask him out this weekend for a date and bring up my concern? What shall I say?

    • ask to hangout but bring up the concern in person if you really wanna mention it.

  • communication!


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