Messed up third date, do I have a chance?

Hello guys and girls, so yesterday I had a third date with this girl at the cinema, but it didn't went as supposed it should go. First date with this girl (and her friend and my mate) was really awkard, and only gave her a handshake.

The second date was in a park on a bench and was really great! we had a good convo and a lot of laughting. Touching was also good, and at the end a really great hug. (was to shy to go for the kiss)

So the third date yesterday was a dissaster, in the cinema there was litteraly no touching (I was to scared to make a move) but we had a great time, good convo and a lot of laughting. At the end she left earlier because of her friend.(was a bit strange) and we hugged eachother for like 2 minutes. Again to shy to go for the kiss, because of all the other people around us..

What is the best move to make now to go further with her? and do I have a chance? (without friendzone)

Thanks for your replies! :)


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  • I don't think it was a disaster.
    An important part of being on a date is enjoying eachothers company which you both did.

    It seems as if you are afraid to show public affection.
    Try holding her hands when you both are walking.
    Put your arm around her if you both are sitting close enough.

    As for the kiss do it when you both are alone.

    You can do it.

    Once you get it out of the way the rest will be history because you'll have more courage and be able to do it again.

    • Thanks for your reply! I know I must make a move as soon as possible. What move should I make (do you think) to get the fourth date (if that is still possible)? Send something like: That it would be great if we hangout 'closer' so more isolation

    • No, don't send any message like that. You have to go into this confident, that is the quality girls find attractive.
      Have you tried bowling for a date?
      You can stand behind her and position her hands with the ball. It allows you to get a little close and intimate. Or even something fun like race car driving, and eating at the food court afterwards. You can put your arm around her when you both finish eat.
      Just small gestures like that make a difference, and allows you not to be friend zoned.

    • Thanks for the tips! I still think I need to isolate her a bit (and for myself so im not to shy) because she is also a bit shy. And when i'm with a lot of people around us I am scared to make a move

      What would then be a great text to send her you think? (to get that fourth date)

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  • Women are fickle creatures looking for an excuse to drop you. Probably not. Move on to the next one.


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  • You shook her hand?

    I... um... I would not know what to do, if that happened.

    I mean, men shake my hand NOW, but I'm just about 41 years old (yikes).

    It MIGHT be too late. (It may have been too late when you gave her a handshake. A handshake!) But it might not. It might be different in your country.

    But you NEED to try to make a move on this girl.

    • Yeah, I know it's not The ideal situation. What do you think I Should text to her?

  • She was expecting you to kiss her by now. Next date , go for the kiss.

    • wait until you are sitting next to eachother ( not across ) look her in the eyes and say a compliment , then take her hand or touch hair gently and lean in.

  • how about tellin her this in a text and see what happens on the 4 date


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