Not very talkative after first date?

I have been corresponding with this guy I met online and talking on the phone for 3 months. We went on a date last Friday and things went really well I thought. After dinner we went to his apartment and he played the guitar for me and sang for me. We talked for a couple of hours and cuddle and eventually kissed. He told me hr felt we were on track for more dates and hopefully make things official. He asked if we could exclusively date each other through getting to know each other. After the date he texted me saying he wants to make us official soon as he didn't want to lose me. A day or so after that he has been really quiet. I know he had to travel with work but he hasn't texted at all. I texted to say hi yesterday and he responded to all my texts and said he was thinking a lot about me. Today i didn't text at all and i haven't heard anything back. I asked him if he was still interested and he said of course that he is just super busy.
I am worried he is just giving me excuses and he doesn't really like me.
He was all over me when we met in person. What happened?

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  • He put you on ice as per calendar telling him he'll be too busy with his job to guard the fort, keep other candidates away from you, no way to monopolize your time... so a good ploy to ice down your social calendar while he attends to business and you have no dates (desired or not!), stiffarm offers due to "his" announcement.
    Better watch this self serving guy hereafter, gal.
    Guys always seem nice... like GAG trolls... until the payoff comes.


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  • Dont worry he's just busy

    Give it sometime and it will get better as before

    And there is no harm in some space ;)

  • Sometimes, when a guy says something like "I'm busy" he means it. It's not code for something else.