Will distancing myself from this girl make her want me? What do you think?

So the girl I've been in love with for the past year is also my best friend. We hang out all the time, and whenever she would call/text me to hang out, I would always make time for her. However, when I would call her to do something, she wouldn't always be down to do what I wanted to do. It has been selfish on her part, and definitely unfair.

The thing is, she's 4 years older than me, and when we met 2.5 years ago, I asked her out. She told me,"your too young for me lets just be friends". So I moved on, but we started hanging out more and more, and I fell for her. We hang out at least 4-7 days in the week, her family loves me and they invite me places with them, or over for dinner, and even was asked to go to her mom's bday dinner.

Now, I'm fed up with giving her so much and showing her that I'm such a great guy, but she still goes on dates with other guys and doesn't give me a shot. So I'm distancing myself from her and it's been 8 days.

I've just been doing other things, and not making time for her. Over the weekend she would text me and I wouldn't be interested in keeping the conversation and she would say random things to get me to talk to her like, "its snowing" or "my dog misses you!". She has texted me everyday in the past 5 days asking to hang out and I've just said I'm busy, and I was sick so I told her that.

Last night she texted me to come over, and I told her it's too late for me and I'm not feeling well. she responded with, "OK feel better, I miss u".

I just don't want to hang out with her unless she plans it in advance so I don't drop what I'm doing to go over, or if she wants to come over my house which she NEVER does!

I'm fed up with us being so close like a couple, but not actually being one. I've never had a "friendship" like this with a girl before where we do everything together and are not dating. Especially when she links arms with me, or rests her head on my shoulder. And when we watch TV will rest her legs on me.

Friends? IDK?


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  • I was in exactly the same siguation obviouslg being the girl tho... me and this guy where best friends for a good 7-8 years with eachother everyday... spent every minute together... cuddled up with one n other on sofa watching tv... flirting with eachother... slept in same bed as eachother he practically lived with me... I use to be having a bath whilst he's sitting on the toilet and were behaving a conversation... sometimes bring best friends makes a great foundation for a relationship... and other times it can be worrying that the friendship could become damaged some how if it didn't work out... the only way you find out is by givinv literally 12 seconds of courage to just eighther tell her how u feel or show her... I was shown by him. just grabbing me bth the face and kissing me... you will soon know if that kiss felt wright of not...
    as fof distancinv yourself that could also work against you... u both could be playing the same game...
    let this gitl know how u feel make it clear... and rtfhen if she acts the same distance yourself and prepare to move on... hope that helps and makes sense :)


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  • Don't get used like that. Definitely distance yourself. Turn her down too. Independence and not being needy is sexy.