I really like a girl, but she's moving away. What do I do?

I've liked this girl for like 3 years but never found the courage to ask her out. Now that she's moving I suddenly feel like I could ask her out at anytime. She's moving but pretty far away and I might get to see her a couple times a year. My question is should I ask her and try to do long distance, or let her go?

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I did forget to mention that we've been pretty close friends for about the whole three years.


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  • Well if you ask her to be your girlfriend right now then you'll get shot down faster then an air plain on a kamikaze mission. I'm saying from personal experience. I suggest you take her out to eat and try to get intimate with her kiss her get close to her. If your not into that then let her go.

    • She's been a pretty close friend too, so would that change anything?

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    • Ok thanks for the advice 👍

    • Yeah man don't be scared of her. Embrace the moment and create happy memories :3

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  • Ask her but dont get unrealistic idea of long distance relationship stay friends


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  • Dude from a guy at your age, I don't think you should ask her out because you said so yourself that only now, when she's moving away you got the courage to talk to her, so I don't know if in a date you'll be able to actually "date" her. Ask her out only if you think you can do what I said above because if not it's just a waste of your time.

  • Is she good friends with you? If you have a bond then you can ask her. Better regret asking and getting rejected than not asking at all. If you two are more like acquaintances then it will be of no use, she is getting far anyways. Just let her go in that case.