Question for skinny guys about holding girl on your waist?

If you are a skinny guy and your girlfriend is about the same weight as you, maybe only 5kg=11lbs lighter. Has it happened to you that she wants to make out with you so that you are standing and your girl has her legs wrapped around your waist.
Tell me, is it uncomfortable for you? Can you hold her? Do you like it?

This is example?

update - just want to be sure i won't crush my bf :P


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  • 1. prob but if its comfortable for her then I can deal with it. 2. maybe. 3. if we are kissing YES


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  • It's more down to the muscle and strength he would have, as your not drastically different in weight, the weight won't be too much of a problem, what would be the problem is the strength in your BF's core and leg muscles

  • I can hold her and yeah I am really skinny I've hold about 80kg weighted girl easily and I am like 60kg haha.

    That's who I am, I've got high metabolism, kiss my ass if you have problems with me ;)


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