Girls, gIRLS would you ever kick a guy in the groin?

I had an argument with my mates gf and she kicked me between the was the most pain iv ever experienced and i just wanna know WHY do girls do this?! have you or would you do it? im thinking maybe i just got really unlucky.....

  • I would if a guy pissed me off
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  • I would if a guy cheated on me
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  • I would but only if my life was in danger
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  • I would never do this to a guy
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  • No I never would. Unless it was for self defense.

    • i wish all girls thought like that

    • I don't believe most girls think it's okay to hit a guy there for no reason. That's just disgusting.

    • Most girls certainly do not think it's ok to hit a guy down there at all. It's really fragile and you could cause really painful and permanent damage to the guy

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  • Only if it were a life-death situation or he was trying to rape me. And if I needed to go for another one to save my life, so be it.

    • go for another one? i don't get it

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    • You should have press assault charges against her. I would have.

    • Having a disagreement is no reason to assault someone.

  • Only in a self defense scenario. But other than that there is no excuse. I've seen a guy get hit down there and it's not pretty

  • That's a cheap move so I would only do it if my life is in danger. If I'm pissed off or a guy cheated on me taking out my anger in with violence isn't the way, especially if its hitting a guy in the groin.

  • Doesn't matter if I was cheated on, pissed tf off or whatever. But if my life is in danger then fuck ya.

    • yeah its only ok in that circumstance