I give off a lesbian vibe?

On more then one occasion I have been told that I give off a lesbian vibe. I'm not saying anything bad about lesbians but I am not one. I'm not overly aggressive and I'm pretty much an introvert that you always see hiding in the corner. Can someone please explain this to me? I'd that why I repel guys?
I do not look manly and I dress like any other girl does I guess
I'm not saying all lesbians are aggressive I'm just describing my personality


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  • As @Em_Power said - it's to do with the way you dress, the way you style or, more specifically, don't style your hair, your clothes (if they're baggy, or men's clothes), if you're overweight so you want to wear baggy clothes - people might assume these things based on all these little things that have nothing to do with it.

    • I don't wear baggy our manly clothes. I style my curly long hair almost everyday.

    • Maybe it's the walk or the talk...
      I don't know since I don't know you...

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  • Not all lesbians are 'aggressive'... To be honest I wished I gave off lesbian vibes so I'd trade with you any day. Everybody always thinks I'm straight. It's usually to do with silly stereotypes and perceptions people have to do with what you wear, whether or not you wear make up, how you walk... that kind of thing. I wouldn't take any notice, be yourself and let other people with nothing better to do muse on your orientation.

    • I wear makeup

    • It's not that I care I was just wondering

    • Honestly I think people's attitudes are laughable. I wear make up, I dress like a 'girl' whatever the fuck that means and I have long hair.. I guess that makes me straight lol. God... I feel sorry for idiots that can't see past their own ignorant boxed in perspectives on everything. Sorry rant not aimed at you lovey but just at society in general *shakes fist*

  • Don't think too much about it. I used to get told that too, back when I had short hair and was going through my punk phase. NBD.

  • lesbians are pretty calm and normal. hetro or lez can be aggressive or masculine

    people are bullying you in my opinion

    • It's not like out of nowhere I'm being called a lesbian. It's my friends (side of them guys) and I have a casual conversation and then saying that I give of a certain vibe.

    • kick their asses. no one can tell another person's sexuality it's just you and how you feel. When you told them you're straight and they keep saying the same shit so much that makes you this concerned and insecure about your sexuality you should kick their asses and don't talk to them anymore. When you feel straight, you're straight. When you feel lez you're lezbo. there's nothing more to it.

    • If we're being intellectually honest here then we accept that there are certain people who you can tell are gay or at least that there is a strong probability that they are. Others, not so much.

      @somisamis, that's a good idea. She should kick their asses. THAT won't make her look manly.

      To the asker, chill out. Nothing wrong with being gay anyway.

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