Why do I develop crushes so easily, and how can I get over a crush?

I fall for guys, SO easily. It's not because I'm "thirsty" or desperate, because I'm definitely picky about who I date, and I turn down quite a few people. Generally speaking though, I admire a lot of guys. Type doesn't really matter. It's just that I easily see the beautiful aspects of a person (whether it's a personality quirk or something physical)... It just leads to a lot of unecessary stress (like "uh oh, did I say something too flirty on accident? Did I laugh too long? He's just adorable").

how do I stop this, and how do I get over a silly crush who I know doesn't like me back?
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  • You having crushes often isn't abnormal. I wouldn't worry.

    As for how to get out of them, remember, whoever you're crushing on is just a person, no more or less perfect or secure in themselves than yourself.

  • Fall for a guy who likes you or talk to people and keep your mind off of it. I have the same problem.


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