Why do girls and guys use rebounds?

This is happening to me, but why do people have to use a rebound to get over a relationship, or to think about the relationship they just got out of? Do they mostly come back? Do they realize that they are making their ex hurt even more with a quick and brand new relationship?

Please leave a comment on why people do this, if you have experienced this, or if you have actually done this. And if you have or have experienced it, when did they get the rebound? And did you know that they are just going to come back?

Just curious to see peoples thoughts and experiences about rebound relationships.


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  • I just got out of a 5 year relationship-

    In 4 months-


    Me- 0

    Ex- 5


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  • I personally do not think rebounds are a good idea. At the end of the day they cause more pain. My ex split up with me after a long relationship and 8 months later I still haven't been with anyone. I've been asked out on many occasions but I want to make sure my ex is completely out of my system before I start dating again and I don't need a man to feel good about myself.

    Rebounds cause more pain, my ex got with someone about 21/2 months after spliting up with me and I though God I must have meant nothing to him etc etc only for him to contact me months and months later telling me he still loves me and made a mistake. He will always have the what if's and the guilt of treating me so bad, I on the other hand can live with myself cause I haven't done anything wrong. He's caused pain not just to one person but two and I hope he feels like sh*t about it. - Scum bag as he is!


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  • 3 months a go my ex girlfriend of 2 years dumped me over the phone the day after we got back from a short holiday together. Actually phoned me up and dumped by a girl I did everything with, thought cared about me a tiny little bit atleast. She didn't even have the decency to say anything to my face the night before when we were lieieng in bed together. No hint nothing. Over with a 15min phone call, just like that.

    I went to the same school as her and was in the same year and we were all mates so it quickly came through to me that in the space of a week she had dumped me and was off having casual sex the next weekend, literally 7 days later.

    It absolutely crushed my heart, she would do that to me so soon, so little regard for someone else's feelings.

    After that weekend, first thing monday morning she then sends me an email saying she is disgusted with me, don't contact her ever again and she doesn't want to know me anymore.

    Its taken me 3 months to feel remotely back to normal, and I'm worried that I'm still not over it.

    Maybe its me, but to be dumped like that was hard enough, then to hear that hurt so much.

    Maybe I'm being over sensitive, but it was a horrible experience, to have your heartbroken in such a way by someone you thought you knew. If I could take back the last 2 years believe me I would, it wasn't worth the pain I felt and the horrible feeling I get when I bump into people I see out and about who know about it. I feel embarrassed by it, like the jokes on me, hurt, my head goes down when I see anyone who knows about it all. I don't know why but you lose confidence and start thinking is it me? Am I the one who is taken this the wrong way? Is everyone gossiping about this - which they were? Not very nice at all.

  • They want someone else so they can take there mind off you. I believe they can't handle being alone.. so they must find someone to filled that void... Trust me it hurts them... I had a girl treat me like sh*t, and we broke up 7 months ago. She was in a new relationship within 3 months of breaking it off with me. (We were together for 5 years). Rebounds involved getting another person feelings involved. They think that you really like them but your just there from being hurt.. and to take your mind off things. Its not a good idea...they person will show there true colors in time. Time heals everything.. Oh and my ex..she has gained like 30 pounds of melty goo around her waist...seems like food was another part of her rebound... oh key point... WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND... remember this... People who are good to people in relationship don't have to worry about being a victim.. the wrong do'er will get it back a thousand times over. Trust me

    • I'm really interested in your story cause mine is very similar, so you have any tips on getting over them, excepting that they are with someone else and dealing with it?

      I'd love your help!

    • Hey its a very long story I have about 3 to 4 5 questions aboout my ex.....add me as your friend. I can email you later........ I'm looking forward to help you