Guy Calls Me Darling/Does It Mean Anything?

I guy told me he has feelings for me, I sent him a picture of a teddy looking up at the stars, and it said
thinking of you, I got a message back saying thanks darling, it thats a good sign that he still wants me and wants to be with me?


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  • Sure he likes you that's why he calls you Darling
    that is adorable of you to send him that picture of
    the teddy looking up at the stars that would make
    me cry happy tears to know a girl cares sure i call
    her Darling

    • Do you really think so, I hadn't heard from the guy in 6 days, he has been having a lot of problems lately
      with work, so thought I would send him this to cheer him up, and let him know he's still been on my mind!!!

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    • So you wouldn't just say it to any girl?

    • I would call a girl darling who i was hoping to get to know better :)

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  • Why don't you ask him? I know that many people are afraid to be upfront with people but it is honestly the best way to figure out what is going on


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  • nothing... darling is very common...;-)


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