What does it mean when a guy calls you ''Darling'', also do you think he genuinely cares for me?

Okay so I admitted to this guy that I had feelings for him, and he was nearly crying, because he was leaving, it's obvious that he feels something for me too as we have a proper deep connection and chemistry and he shows and has showed signs over the months... so then later on he this night rang me up and made a promise to me and I think he admitted he felt the same, because it seemed like it was hard for him to say he loved me, but might of meant it in a friendly way, then at the end of the phone call he called me ''Darling'', which is not like him to do, at all, he's not really a soppy guy, he's quite tough on the outside, but inside he's soft...

Does this mean anything?


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  • Hes clearly interested

  • hahaha... yeah, he likes you.

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