Can I date someone in year 9 if im in year 11 (UK)?

So there is this girl that I added and accidentally messaged and we started talkin ga bit, she's looks like she could be in yr 10 or 11 she's proper good looking. Im just considering the future would it be weird if we like started getting close and dating? I thinks she's 14 and im 16.


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  • the age difference is not that much but in school everyone thinks it's a big deal

    • yeah ik. thats what I was thinking but it may be a bit weird like next year when im in 6th form and she's in yr 10

    • it might be a bit weird because there is more than one school year between you two, but if you like each other i'm sure you'll get over it
      and a piece of advice - live while you can because A levels are going to destroy your life

    • aha at least its in the same school/building tho :)
      I've got a month till exams so not much living rn

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