Going to a community college inscrease your chances of getting laid meeting new girls?

My girlfriend broke up with me. Took a different route instead of traditional school but I'm starting school in the summer. I'm 21 and she really has been my only steady sexual partner in my life. Was too nerds and awkward in high school to have casual sex on the regular. But it's really bringing me down. Not getting laid at all its been 3 months maybe a little over.


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  • It decreases your chances. Your highest chances will be living in a dorm freshman year and sophomore year of college

  • anything can increase your chances, but no matter where you are by what you've said its still low changes

    • Well obviously I don't tell people this.. I can fake confidence well

    • I meant because of the nerd part... sorry, but in honesty we are in similar boats

    • Oh I'm not a nerd today well at least don't look like one. Lol I'm a fricken bodybuilder and I'm sure a lot of girls look at me and forsure think I'm getting laid.

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