What does it mean when your boyfriend adds random girls on social media?

He likes their pics constantly... Does this mean anything.. What do guys think when they see a girls pic.. And why would he add a random girl to his list? ..


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  • Wait, first of all, how do you know they're random? If they are random like totally outta the blue then something is up. But maybe she's just a friend and liking is just liking, nothing much really. Unless you see some frequent activity of him following up every posts of other girls then that's something too. If you feel unsure or anything just tell him what you're feeling, you are his girlfriend, you shouldn't be afraid to tell your opinion cuz your opinion should matter more than anyone else's to him. If he shows negative response then he might not be the right guy.


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  • He's checking other girls. Urgh! Guys are always like that. They've got a girlfriend and still not enough!

    • Thats what i thought.. Ty!

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  • I can tell you exactly what it means...
    He's adding random girls to social media...😑

    Stop overthinking... He's plumping up his friend list with hot chicks to build street cred... That is all.

    • That is just sad

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    • I get it is entertainment in some weird way but still..

    • Yeah, me too.. I mean, I save pictures of random stuff that I see and think I may need one day... Everyone has a hobby...
      Wouldn't hurt to out a spy tracking program on his pic and access his Facebook messenger when he's not aroun tho...
      Just sayin'

  • Just a random girl, I don't think so.. maybe some friend or something like that. Social media suxs.


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