What do you think is more attractive? If someone can sing, dance, play sports, or play music?

I can't dance for shiz. I used to take ballet when I was younger, but I'm wayyy over that. I feel jealousy towards girls who can dance, because no matter how much I try, it wouldn't really work out. Thankfully though, my other attributes/talents sometimes make up for it.

But I find guys who play sports or play music to be most attractive. Since I can't dance, I wouldn't really want the other guy to dance... Because it makes me feel worse lol. And a guy who can sing is pretty cool, but only if they have that raw or raspy voice. If they sing in a higher vocal range or have a non-raspy/raw voice, I might admire the way they sing-- but I don't necessarily find it attractive.


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  • I think you are right when you say we all have different attributes, I would say I am not drawn to any talent it is all about the connection for me whether or not her talents are part of that I don't know.

  • Well I envy those that can sing I find it pretty attractive, playing music is also attractive, many in my family are musical and can sing, I play a little guitar. I find it attractive when women can dance because well I like to dance, swing dancing anyway.

    I love it when women play sports I do sports, used to play on a baseball, football and soccer team, just play for fun now, been doing martial arts for a about a decade. And if women play sports chances are they workout or bodybuild and well

    Couples that train together, stay together



    But anywho that's my opinion on the matter.

  • For guys playing guitar or sports is attractive but for girls I think ballet is attractive and everything else is just meh.

    • figure skating maybe

    • So other types of dance aren't attractive to you then?

    • For me nope. It'll still be impressive to watch I just won't get turned on by it... If it's figure skating or ballet that's hot but it would also intimidate me since I'm not a dancer either.

  • if a gal practices wresslin... woohoo 8)


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