How long of a time is too long between a first and second date?

Its been a week since we went on our first date to the movies, and we talk and text everyday. But the date wasn't that good. I wonder when it is too long to ask her on a second date? Thanks :)


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  • take her to twilight 2 ;P I think you should ask NOW! a week is a while, unless you both have very busy schedules which make time fly! suggest a walk in the park and then hot chocolate or something already! :D


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  • If she's still texting you, then the date was fine.

    As long as you're chatting throughout the week, 1 date a week is just fine. That's what I've done for years, and it works very well.

    Just don't go 6 days without talking to her because she'll forget you exist. Instead make plans on Wednesday for a Saturday date. Don't wait till Friday, but don't make plans on Monday... it might seem desperate.

    Good Luck!

    ~ Robby