He called me disgusting.

this guy and I have had a thing for a while. the other day my friend told me that he called me disgusting. I am in no way unattractive, this guy has always gone gaga over "how hot I am". why would he say that? one time I hooked up with him and my legs were stubbly? PS. he said this in a time where he texted me but I never got the text so I never replied. and we didn't really talk for a while after that.. but then we hung out.. then I heard this and freaked out at him. why would he say this?


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  • he was trying to look good at your expense. maybe he was only saying nice things so he could hook up with you. sounds like a jerk.

    • Why do you assume that he is the one who is lying in this situation? girls lie too lol

    • Hmmm good point, her friend very well could be lying out of jealousy. he may not have said that!

    • Well I thought that too. but I texted him and told him he's an asshole. he didn't admit he said that but he didn't deny it either.