What is the girl version of the D. E. N. N. I. S system?

Is there a girl version?
Here is the dennis system:

I think it has to do with finding another guy and not talking to the guy...
I just watched it and it's hilarious, and I think it semi happened to me though. Instead of the crazy neighbor the guy embarassed this other guy that was being a douche to me. -,- Also, every time I message him I send the last message and he doesn't respond. He started all the convos first and I did twice. I haven't spoken to him in 3 weeks and he's been out of town. I still think about him because... welp I think I've been dennised. But I know he likes me a little more than average because he reached out to me for something really personal.
So I've been dating and found a new guy, who likes me way more than I like him, but I've told him Im not sure how Im feeling about the other guy.
Is there a way to pull a girl version of this or GAGers I encourage you to figure


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  • I think anyone who uses that system is an asshole whether it be male or female

    • Yeah... And I would never do anything like that to an unsuspecting good guy. I sort of want revenge or to get this guy before he keeps doing it to other girls., but it has to be a female, because men are not as emotionally attached as girls are after sex. That's the flaw in it I think if you're a girl trying to use it, my situation is different Im not trying to pick up men ;/

    • he deserves to be kicked in the butt that's for sure
      Men can get emotional too it's not too hard. I mean as long as they're normal kind of innocent minded ones.

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