Is it okay to go to my boyfriends house uninvited?

A little about our relationship: we have been together for a little over a year now. We worked together and after a month we moved in together with his roommate. I moved back home after about a month in a half which is around 6 hours away and I was there for two months. Two months after moving back perminately with him I broke up with him with good reason relating to a personal issue we both had gone through and him doing drugs. We still lived together but in separate rooms and with another roommate. I still loved him but of course I tried dating other people and it just wasn't the same and he would still get upset and jealous and we would argue. I moved out after those three months and then we got back together 2 weeks later. Within the time span of our relationship we have been through a lot and very quickly. More recently with cheating on his end. I didn't talk to him for two weeks (blah blah I ended up taking him back) and it's been about a month now. Last night we got into a pretty heavy argument and when he does what he does he just has an "I don't care about anything" attitude while also not going to sleep. His friends made me stay over because I had been sleeping and it was very, very late. We haven't talked since I went to bed and he's at work now and hasn't responded to me all day. I hate leaving upset or angry but I know him. He hates talking about anything personal. I guess I want to know with everything we've been through and the time we've been together would it be uncalled for to go over to his house uninvited tonight to talk with him? I've done it before but this time is just different. I we break up, okay... I just don't want it to be a I'm not going to respond kind of deal, that's childish.


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  • If you don't trust him, you need to end it now because you will never trust him

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