She doesn't send me snapchats anymore?

So there is this girl we went on a couple of dates and after the second date she asked me on the third but I acted extreme needy and then our third date got canceled because a car crashed through the building. No she is telling me how busy she is always working and that she can't go on another date now. She has always been extremely honest so I believe her but she never sends me snapchsts anymore. She use to send me her stories and lost her stories and send me personal snapchats. Now she just posts her stories without sending them to me. So does this mean she doesn't like me anymore? She hasn't told me she doesn't want to go on dates anymore and I told her if she doesn't want to she can tell me.


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  • It doesn't really sound like she's interested in you, in my opinion.

    • I don't get it because she asked me on the third date and the second date went really well and for like two weeks before the second date she would snapchat me first everday and we would talk for hours.

    • Maybe she's met someone else.

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