Tall guys, what height do you prefer your partner to be and why?

Please only answer this question if you're actually tall (5'11 and up).
I know you guys don't care about height but I'm curious to know this because I have noticed a trend of many tall guys dating especially short women kinda like this:

Tall guys, what height do you prefer your partner to be and why?

so I was just wondering. :)
So the question is quite simple; What height are you and what height do you prefer your partner to be and why?

  • I prefer short women (< 5'3")
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  • I prefer medium/average women (5'4"-5'7")
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  • I prefer tall women (5'8"<)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think tall guys and short girls look funny together. I prefer tall girls.

    • lol kinda refreshing to hear that :D
      how tall are you?

    • I'm 6'1". I prefer girls around 5'10" and up.

    • cool )

Most Helpful Girl

  • she looks like a dwarf with him

    • lol yeah I think they look more like daughter, father than a couple which makes it kinda awkward but it is what it is

    • yeah.. father.. and a very teeny tiny thumblina..

    • hahaha I actually think some tall guys have like a real fetish for women that short and tiny tho :P 😖

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  • It doesn't matter but aveage women size is what my wife is and it's good size for me. But height doesn't matter as in the picture Klitschko (boxer 6'7 I think) and Hayden Panettiere make it work.

  • There's something about short women... they seem so majestic.

    • Like, majestic creatures; you just want to be with them.

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    • I'm 6' 0". By majestic, I mean that shorter women just seem to be more interesting. It's like, an ice cream cone without rainbow sprinkles is just an ice cream cone. But an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles is WAY more interesting than an ice cream cone without rainbow sprinkles. (this is very confusing, but I tried) :) Essentially, the sprinkles represent more personality. How did I teach this conclusion? I'm not quite sure.

    • hahaha ok, well I guess it would be quite shallow to assume that tall women have less personality while I have often found it to be rather opposite but to each their own :)

  • I'm 6 feet and I prefer between 5'5 and 5'7.

  • I only really like under 5 feet for some reason 4'6 is my fav but this makes it vary vary hard to find a girlfriend

  • Never seen that couple 💑 but yep I really don't care about my partners height..
    All I need is love 😊
    BC never got that feelings 😊

    • How tall are you?

    • Last year I was 5'11 and I hope I'm still gaining height instead of loosing 😜

  • I prefer my women to be average and tall like 5'8'' to 6'0''. Just like how girls don't want to bend down to kiss shorter guys, I don't wanna bend down to kiss shorter girls that are less than 5'3''. Additionally, I don't want my kids to be midgets either. I'm 5'11'' by the way.

  • Short is hot.

  • I'm only 5'10" but I still think it's strange when I see that drastic difference in height, the first thing I think is sex must be a lot different with less positions possible, like missionary you would be able to kiss while doing it or see her face much and 69 would never work, lol. I prefer women only a few inches shorter than me

    • that's cool, & yeah I also think they look a little awkward - kinda like father and child lol

    • Yeah some will think that if the girl is a lot younger on top of the fact

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