What height do you prefer in your guy?

Im not asking your minimum and maximum requirements. Im just asking what height range your perfect guy would be. Also tell me your height.
I. e. Im 5'5 and i prefer men 6'8-7'2 or something like that...
I dont want:
Oh height doesn't matter or
He needs to be at least 6 foot or below 6'5 or anything like that.
I was just curious about what height is best on a guy.
5'5 and below
6'3 and above
8'11 just for lol's
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Damn... every girl is so different!
I noticed that short girls want guys 6'2 and above... k den.
So i take it 5'11-6'2 is the best range of height in a man
What height do you prefer in your guy?
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