Why do I attract Indian men?

All my life, all I have ever attracted are Indian or Middle Eastern men. I am Chinese and I don't know why. Even on online dating sites, it seems that Indian guys only ever message me. Why do I attract Indian men? Or are they freakishly obsessed with Asians? I had so many Asian friends that were constantly harassed online by Indian perverts that claim to only love Asians.

Is it the way I look? Not to brag but I look like a Kpop (Korean girl bands) singer.


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  • I don't know but they're like cockroaches of the internet

    • YES they are scattered around everywhere. They litter all the dating sites and trust me, 99% of my inbox are full of horny Indian men despite that I live in Asutralia.

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  • it's not just you, i think it's everyone, most of my inbox is filled with pervy messages from them. They seem to be the horniest, and they only do this online. I never see them aggressive in person like this. Everyone is confident behind a keyboard...

    • I agree!

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    • That's my real name too! and thank you so much!!!

    • @juicyjessie oh too bad, i guess i got ahead of myself a little there

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  • actually indians have this reputation of sendin messages on OD sites... but keep in mind MANY of 'em r not indians but they present themselves as indians so they can "blend wid da crowd"

    • No seriously. All guys online, whether Uniform Dating, Oasis, POF, OkCupid, etc that messaged me are Indians! Even on gaming websites or forums like these Indian men are constantly messaging me!!!

    • i mean... do they LOOK like indians at least?

    • you're saying that like its a crime for Indian guys to exist...

      Give them a break... FML... who do you think you are lol

  • shame on you disgusting racists

    Indian men are human too... They shouldn't be hated for being straight and wanting to talk to girls

    You guys just want them to be weird girly boys like so many of the Western guys are lol

  • Lol really Kpop bands? xD

    Yea, things like these happens with racial preferences. a lot.

    • But it sucks. Really, all I attract are Indian guys or Middle Eastern guys and it is making me miserable. What makes me an Indian magnet? In real life, all guys that hit in me are Indian and in dating sites, all of them are also Indian guys. Why don't I ever attract Asian guys? Also in dating sites, despite there is an option to label yourself an Indian, they choose Asian

    • I'm telling you, you will find an Asian guy soon.

      Lot's Asians are extending their racial boundaries and going for white and Latinos... I'm a notorious example and I hate the fact that i have been cursed with a mindset of having a preference. I can't choose what i like.

    • You might need a psychiatrist lol

      You seem to have deep issues regarding an irrational hatred of Indian males...

      I feel bad for the poor guys who have the bad luck of running into you... Youd probably try and call the cops if you saw one of these guys

      Girls like you are why bad guys even exist in this world... I hope you get stuck with some idiot who beats and abuses you lol

  • The guys actually messaging you, I guess are just to pass time or get some nudes out of your camera...

    And I feel ashamed of my countrymen.

    • Yeah they are horrible. They are constantly horny, asking for cybersecurity or some nudes. They are literally scattered over internet dating sites or forums.

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    • Yeah is it true Indian men are more obsessed with porn that any other race? And so many Indian guys are perverted! They think they are superior and any Asian girl HAS to get laid with them OR ELSE. once I rejected a 30 something Indian guy and he said "Shit always had luck with banging Oriental women ".

    • Ignore those creepy guys... but don't stereotype Indians... becz some Indians like me are normal lol

  • What would you rather attract?

    • I would rather attract Asian men. It's fair. I find the people of my own Race attractive. And by Asian I mean Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Viet, etc.

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    • I do find white men attractive, but I would be more flattered if an Asian guy was attracted to me. I love Asian guys, they have the best skin, education, personality and are easier to get along with due to the fact our culture is the same. They also age gracefully! I would choose an Asian guy over a White guy any day.

      I know but every day I log onto Facebook or any dating site, I would expect to get at least one message from an Indian guy. Seriously. Or a friend request despite we have no mutual friends. I can show you my photo if you want, but since we are both anon, how can that happen?

    • You can message me if you want lol I came off anon.

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  • I have no doubt it's because Chinese girls are always petite AND beautiful. They also tend to have small breasts. Indian men seem to find this very attractive. I think I know why, but I won't say here.

    • Kpop? My little bro would like you!!

    • Haha, thanks. OMG yes. Most of the time Indian guys are scrawny, nerdy and unattractive. They have an unhealthy obsession over my Asian friends, asking for marriage or nudes or even cybersex. They are like cockroaches scattered all over and plaguing the dating sites and forums. Every time I log into Facebook or a dating site I would expect to get a lot of unread messages from Indian men.

    • I think I may have one or two here, but I am a very hard nut to crack. Nobody has done it yet!!

  • because india is sooooooooooo big

    • And most of those Indian guys are perverts that is why their population is so big. I used to respect Indian guys, loved their food, cultures and movies. Not anymore. I am not attracted to Indian's.

    • hahaha,... ok...

  • I don't know maybe they like pale skin

    • OMG One Indian guy told me he liked me because of my pale skin. Also he told me he only ever dated white women before. Who do they think they are entitled to everyone?

    • I don't know why but lots of brown guys like pale skin

    • They should go back to brown women. It is not fair for the women. I guess that's how sick the world is. Tall and short people average out, white and brown average out, ugly and good looking averages out. The genes want tonaverage themselves out and soon everyone will look similar.

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