Girls, how can I ask out a former classmate on a date?

There's this girl I know from college. We studied the same major and were in the same clubs. However, we never had any classes together, and we never had any conversations. We're both aware of each others' existence, and we've said "hi" to each other since we participated in the same meetings. We also have a handful of mutual friends together.

We've both since graduated from college, but I'd really like to get to know her and eventually ask her out on a date. I think she's really cute, we seem to have many things in common, and we've exchanged a flirtatious glance before, so I know there might be some sparks there. I just don't know how to go about building rapport with her since the only means of communication we have is Facebook. Usually I always befriend a girl in person, at school, but since we're graduates there's no way I can see her. I'm not superficial and am looking for something meaningful. I really want to get to know her and have a chance at getting a date with her.

My question is, would it be creepy if I converse with her via Facebook messenger? Would it be OK to get to know her this way?


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  • No ots not creepy get to know her and casually meet up sometime and see where it goes

  • its not creepy just dont ask her out right away.


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