He wants to take me out to the movies, Is it a date or not 🙊?

I'm 18 and i have recently been talking to this guy who is 21, he's funny , has a job, drives a bmw and is well established, oh and he's ambitious and is going to uni this year too ( he got held back) I recently just got out of college and i am also heading to uni in September. However, I myself don't work, drive and feel like a complete child compared to him, i feel like a failure and intimidated.

We initially met on facebook a few months back, i thought he was cute so i decided to add him, we have a few mutual friends and i actually found out that he goes to a close friends' church, she knows him and he knows her. She's my age and She said that he's a good guy and doesn't have a bad track record. He's very family orientated too, I've seen his photos on facebook and he even has his mum listed as his "MUM" on facebook. Now when we first started talking he did ask the usual questions and questions people his age I would expect to ask " what do you do you and do you work" he had an idea that i was in college or uni. I felt so embarrassed to say that i'm unemployed , but said i would hopefully be working in August. I've applied for jobs but its been a complete fail and I'm really losing hope, i have had a few interviews but i'm still unemployed.

we met up once for a quick chat and drive and everything went well he said i was " cute"

since then he has tried to arrange for us to meet more, now this will be my first relationship, WHICH HE doesn't KNOW and its huge step, he's 3 years older than me and way more established. It doesn't help that he's way more experienced too, sexually. I've only kissed a guy on the lips. ( he thinks I've done more but knows im a virgin) He asked to take me out to the movies, he has asked before but i always turn him down, but he said it would not be a date when i asked him, should I go, is he lying and should i give him a shot? Do guys offer to take a girl out just for the fun of it?


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  • first of all don't worry... even i feel like a kid next to him and i'm older as well... don't work, drive, etc :p

    anyway... u say he's family-oriented so i guess sooner or later chances r he'll introduce u to his mom and his entire family believe if he goes for sth serious... and don't be ashamed about being unemployed... better be honest than pretendin to be someone u r not u know ;)

    so if u r interested and even if he suggests to take u out for a date y refuse?

    • Thanks for responding! ๐Ÿ˜

      Meeting his family... lol, lets put that on hold for a while๐Ÿ˜…. You asked a really good question, which got me thinking, I actually don't know why i keep turning him down. He pretty much knows everything about me. I think its the fact the if something did happen it would be my first relationship and I'm pretty scared as i dont have much experience. I guess I need to act my age.

      Would you say that it is a date even though he claims it's not. I feel like he told me it's not as he knows i would turn him down if he told me his true intentions.

    • u r welcome :)

      takin u out for a movie's a date at least in my opinion... anyway yeah if u keep on turnin him down i'm afraid one day he'll lose interest ;)

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  • I think you should go for it! It seems like you like him, and if you keep rejecting him he's going to get the message that you dont like him. Dont think of it as a date. Think of it as a chill day with a friend.


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