Is it good to move while sitting on his lap?

Is it good to move around while sitting on his lap and kissing him or should I just kiss him and not move at all
By moving I mean: slowly up and down getting my chest closer to his


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  • Well moving around will result in a boner even faster. Mind due sitting on his lap and kissing him will give him one anyway. Sorry I am not trying to be TMI just trying to give an honest opinion.

    • That's oka thanks for the help!!!

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    • Yes it will happen then to.

    • It is a sign of attraction. He thinks your attractive when that happens.

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  • Aren't you the same girl who asked "should I sit on his lap when kissing him?"
    Seriously, you're thinking too much about it, girly...

    • Just do whatever feels right, lol

    • Yes I am ️XD but I really need this two questions to be answered I reall want to do it but I don't know if he'll like it

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  • Moving around like a lap dance?

    • Well like slowly up and down! As to getting your chest closer to him!

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