When I say hi to this girl, she never looks at me when talking, but says hey a little more quietly?

when I say hi to this girl, she never looks at me when talking, but says hey a little more quietly, not like whisper quiet, a little louder but not loudly either. why is that?

I only ever say hi/hey to her and she'll say it back, and that's all she says. I mean, I guess I haven't really done much either but... it's hard since i'll see her with another/other girl (s) after school or maybe walking alone to another class in a really short window of time. This is mostly what happens when i say stuff to her, me: "hi (name)." little bit after...- her: hey/(or hi sometimes)'
that's usually what i tend to do, she never says my name really ever, she knows it. well, at least whenever i've been around, she never has used it. except once i heard her say it near the end of the school year last year in may/june.

Then after i say hi, i'll sometimes have asked how's she doing,
me: how's it going? her: good (with that same kind of quiet and softly speaking tone)
with this, it feels hard to try to talk to her, i was shy when i was young so it's hard for me to think of what to say to her. plus, she also like those replies i showed, she kind of is like shy/curt with it. I see her all social with other girls and guys, so?
oh and again, she never really looks at me. maybe she'll be facing foward or something and she stays like that, or if at a desk she'll just keep looking at her stuff. I don't know if it's true, but in one class, i was in the way back and she was in the desk infront of me and she would tilt her head to the left and her hair would keep sliding down, and she would flick it back and turn, as if it looked like she could look at me, but i don't know if she could've. she also might sometimes look to the left of the room, but it looked like her eyes were shifted to the left more as well, as if she was looking at me through peripheral vision or something, but i don't know if that'd be true too.
in the second semester in march or April, one time, it was almost like we both turned at the same time, but she and I kind of just stared at each other for about 7 seconds until I randomly looked away and then she looked at the direction of where I was looking. another time, we were both in a group of people after school inside and I was standing still, near someone, she sees a kid she knew come in and she squeezed through the small, tight, little space between me rather than go around.
I moved a little bit to a different spot and like another dude came up to me and she came near me and there was conversation, I didn't move at all but all of sudden, I felt an upper arm that's against my upper arm. it was her and it's not like she didn't know I was there at all, when she touched her arm into my, I didn't move but instead I stayed and counted, it was 4-6 seconds and then she move forward a little. If the small space was "accidental." I don't think her arm against me can be one.


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  • She's probably extremely shy.
    She's the type of person that needs to come out of her shell.
    The only way that can be "fixed" is if you establish a friendship with her.
    Shy people eventually come out of their shell with constant exposure to the same person.

    Doing a simple verbal exchange doesn't really help much.
    But making plans and getting together does.


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  • Sounds like you're over analyzing shit.

    • how?

    • I may not have probably everything that has happened, but how am I "over analyzing"?
      you don't even help because I don't get what she's doing.

    • I don't know how to help. sorry.

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  • She most likely likes you.
    Say hi to her often and try to get in a situation where you two aren't in a rush to go anywhere like at lunch or something then speak to her. Ask her lots of questions and try to build a bit of a friendship with her until she's more comfortable around you.


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