My boyfriend said I am fragile. Is that a good or bad thing? VERY Confused. Feeling sad :( ?

How our conversation went:

Me: What do you think of me?
Him: Honestly?
Me: Yes. Be blunt as hell
Him: I think you're fragile
Me: Lmao wow
Him: You're not uses to having a boyfriend and I think I was probably a bad choice for you being as closed in as you are
Me: ok

Before we had that converstion I asked him was I doing a good job at being his girlfriend. He said " I'm good/fine"

How I'm feeling---> I don't think he likes me anymore. I'm having mixed emotion and I want to hear what you girl and guys think


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  • Ouch.

    Look, it sounds like you're insecure. And it sounds like he was giving it to you straight--that you being insecure is unattractive, and that you need to strengthen up.

    Don't feel bad. And don't believe he doesn't like you anymore. Instead, find ways to bolster yourself and improve--he'll find that attractive. If you get more insecure, you'll drive him away.

    So think about why it is that you are insecure and overcome it.


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  • Wow!! Okay every women is kind of fragile. Like what the hell? What does he want? A rude stuck up girlfriend who doesn't care about him? You should leave him alone to see how he likes it and be rude to see if he likes you better.. LOL!! 😂


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  • I think he means you are too sensitive. He doesn't have to say a lot, too hurt your feelings. He has called you fragile, because you wanted his opinion as honestly as possible, now your hurt.

    Young lady don't ask for peoples opinion of you, if you are going to end up hurt of over it. Like the other user said, you are very insecure.

    • Well thanks for your honesty. I appreciate it

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    • by the way I am not hurt over peoples opinions of me (as long as they aren't rude about it). I honestly want to know what they think and I AM taking it into consideration to be a better person. Not just for my boyfriend but for myself.

    • Ok. Will do. Thanks :)

  • He's saying you're emotionally fragile. As in, if some little thing comes along, like a comment or action, however small it may be, hits you hard and you become upset or withdraw.

    Even in your description I've picked out several indications of this:

    1) What do you think of me? = you're insecure
    2) Lmao wow = you're taken aback/offended
    3) ok = you're withdrawing
    4) I asked him was I doing a good job at being his girlfriend = you're insecure

    All of this points to the fact that you're dependent on outside validation and if you don't get that then you tend to wilt.


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  • Then you need to get back to having a conversation. We get ourselves into more trouble by trying to read something into a conversation that might not be there. ASK HIM. talk to him. It can only help.

  • I've never in my life heard someone describe someone as fragile and have it be a good thing, and from the context, it doesn't sound good. Maybe he thinks you aren't at the same level with him, maybe aren't as mature, or aren't ready for what he's ready for. Or on the other end of that, you're in his opinion a bit too sensitive or overly hurt by things which, maybe be true. I don't know you, so I won't assume, but if its bothering you, ironically, you might want to ask for a little bit more detail, but sounds like at least from my opinion, you aren't quite on the same level or as compatible with each other.

    • I think you're right about us not being on the same level. He's more open about his feelings than I am. He's not afraid to express anything he feels while I told back to keep from getting hurt

      Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful answer :)

  • Fragile in what way though?

  • Well... that's definitely not a compliment.

  • I don't think its a bad thing. He's saying that your too sensitive. You overthink everything and it makes you hurt. And when he said that your closed in, he's probably saying that you don't really open up. Maybe try talking to him about what he means!

  • i dont think its a bad thing.

  • First of all, promise me you won't let anything he says get into your head. To generalize, girls have more empathy than men. We are more sensitive and caring, and things that people say to us, be it insults or teases, can have a much deeper impact on us. Your boyfriend said that you are "closed in," meaning you are afraid to open up to him. Only you will know why you do not want to open up. And he picks up on this and it probably makes him uncomfortable and not want to open up to you. He said that you are "fragile," because this is the best way he can explain your inability/unwillingness to open up to him. He assumes it's because you are sensitive and afraid of getting hurt, and for him, he wants someone more confident and willing to open up. I don't believe it was an insult; he is just being honest. But if you are having trouble opening up, take some time to think about if he is the right one for you. If not, there's no shame in ending things. Good luck.

    • Thank you soooooo much. I truly appreciate your thoughtful answer. I will take your advice into consideration. Awesome advice by the way

    • I'm really happy I could help :)

    • Really GREAT Advice girl and I love it too. 😊😊

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