Boyfriend jokes about hurting me?

My boyfriend constantly makes jokes about hurting me. Slapping me, losing teeth, bloody noses, eyes swollen shut. He's always sizing me up and saying how small, weak and fragile I am, calling this cute. And how I'm the weak woman and he's the strong man. How easy it would be for him to break a bone or knock me out. He makes up stories and puts us in these weird scenarios. Like me waking up in the hospital and not remember anything except for the silhouette of his fist. Me telling my friends that what doesn't hurt me makes me stronger. How people think he's such a good dude and would never suspect he'd do such a thing. He's always saying things like "I really don't want to have to hurt nobody today." Balling his fist...

Sometimes when we're walking he'll grab hold of my neck... This usually only happens when we're walking from the car to apt, where nobody can see. We were walking to the car from the beach last night and a group of people were walking by. He was holding me by the neck and as we got closer I tried to remove his grip, but he wouldn't let go. He smiled and asked if I was scared they'd think he beat me. I wasn't sure if he was joking or not, but I was high and he totally knocked me down a few notches. I was just confused, and he was hurting my neck. I don't know what happened, but he suddenly let go and looked at me funny. "What's wrong, you don't want me holding you?" Maybe I was high and being paranoid, but that's not something I normally do. It just didn't feel right. I just kept pulling away and telling him to let go. He apologized sarcastically later. "Sorry if I shook you up, a man shouldn't scare or slap his woman around. You're so cute." Then he proceeded to talking about how he wouldn't want to have to hurt me because I was too cute... I told him he was a storyteller. He asked if I liked his stories... I asked if he was kidding and he said nevermind. I asked him later on what he meant by it and he said "whatever I said, I was just joking." And that was the end of that.

Though he woke up today the same old him, talking about kicking my butt.

Just a few minutes ago he was looking for something and I told him where it was. His response: "See, you are good for something"

He talks about how he manipulates people to get what he wants... After the neck thing last night I'm thinking maybe I should pay more attention to these types of comments.

He always turns casual conversations into argument. For example the other day we were in traffic and a dude on a Harley was in the lane next to us. My boyfriend asked if his bike looked new. I'm thinking we're just engaging in insignificant chatter. I told him the bike looked new, but considering the fact the he had on a bikers' jacket, it probably wasn't. He just took care of his bike. My boyfriend agreed. Then I just decided to change it up. I said maybe it was a new bike. That since he's in a biking club, he's probably been riding forever, and that Harley probably wasn't his first bike. It tu
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It turned into a huge argument. He said I was trying to prove him wrong, and that I should just listen to him... That he knew these types of things. I didn't know it was that serious. I thought we were just talking. He hates being wrong. We can't just talk about silly things unless I feel like holding my tongue and just nodding at everything he says.

Does this sound red flag? Am I overanalyzing?
Boyfriend jokes about hurting me?
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