I accidentally hooked up with my roommate... twice?

so we kinda really like each other and have a legitmate connection. a really good one at that. 5 days ago i moved in to her apartment. we knew each other through friends but never really knew each other very well.

one night at 5am, we both get home and we're both drunk. and she ends up on my bed. but we just made out for half an hour and then talked for another 3 hours. then the following night we hook up, but im the only one drunk. and she basically said "yesterday was fun, but i dont want this to be some casual thing. if we're gonna keep doing this i dont want it to be casual.".

and i was so drunk i dont even remember what i said, but i ended up sleeping in her bed that night. so yeah...

now im not sure what to do cause i do like her.. but since she is my roommate it just makes it so much more serious. living with the girl you are dating.. thats pretty serious. especially me being 22 and her being 19 we're really young


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  • She said she doesn't just want a casual thing with you. It's up to you if you want a relationship with her. If you want it to work (as you said you guys are still quite young) you can spilt half of the room with each other and have another room mate in the room you were going to stay in. Or have some space and you just date each other but stay in separate rooms.

    IF it doesn't work out, you guys will be awkward around each other (I would assume) one of you will leave. If you just want to get in her pants don't get into a committed relationship with her.


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  • "accidentally"?

    So you slipped and fell, and during that fall you became aroused, and happened to fall right onto her as she was doing yoga stretches, penetrating her, and then because the floor was slippery you kept falling back in every time you tried to stand back up? And this happened twice?

    Dude, you have got to buy some shoes with traction.

    Ok, real advice - talk to her. See what she wants, and if you want the same thing, go for it. It's better to have tried and failed than to regret never trying at all.

    • thats not what i mean. i can't even try it out and see if it works because i live with this girl. yeah we have a connection, but say we go on a few dates and one of us realizes its not gonna work. we're still going home to the same place!

    • You can't know that until you talk to her. What if the exact opposite was going to happen, and you're passing up on someone you could spend the rest of your life with?

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  • She told you what she wanted/didn't want. You don't sound ready to be in a committed relationship, why should you be? You both are young. I would respect her wishes.


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  • So she raped you? I mean, you were drunk, you couldn't consent to sex... :S

    This is a weird situation. If you don't want a relationship with her, you gotta leave, cause you can't live with someone that wants something more, and you just want sex.
    If you do wanna date her, I don't see anything wrong living together, sure, it may be somewhat weird at first, so just sit down together and talk about it, set some rules.

    • i dont know what she wants. but she seems to really like me. not to mention she has me saved in her phone as "my love"

  • I once had an friends with benefits for 6 months before I realized that this was my girlfriend and that we were living together. At least it isn't sneaking up on you.


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