Why is my butt shrinking?

I naturally have a big perky ass and since like 14. I'm now 17 and haven't changed my exercise or eating routine drastically at all, and my ass seems to be shrinking. I have small boobs so I need my ass !. I'm not even a small person really, I'm like 5 foot 7 and have big hips and a really hourglassy sihoulletee. Why could it be shrnking and how can I stop it?

I posted it here because this question wasn't getting attention in other categories

Ps I have a naturally big butt thar never really needed exercise


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  • your body is still developing. My guess is that you lost weight because what made your butt bigger was fat storage, plain and simple. Female estrogen levels reach a peak at the age of 25 so biologically speaking your estrogen levels should be increasing. The only culprit I can identify is likely a lack of sufficient calories to accommodate your growing body. You are technically still growing and during that process will need the energy to support that growth. I would eat lots of peanut butter and avocados and if you are in a caloric surplus you will store fat in the reproductive areas. Avoid high GI carbs as those have a tendency to promote belly fat due to insulin resistance, which will increase your waist to hip ratio and you won't have a nice hourglass figure any longer.

    • You're totally right ! I had seem to be gaining in the waist area. Too much carbs. So what foods are good for having a butt and Boobs? Peanut butter avacados what else? thanks

    • Eat carbs that are high in fibre. These include but are not limited to: Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Multigrain Bread, and Fresh Fruits. Avoid things like noodles, white bread, white rice, alcohol, candy, etc. Smoking has also shown to have a correlation with abdominal fat.

      Estrogen is derived from cholesterol which is both made in the liver and found in saturated fats, so don't be afraid of things like butter or chicken (with the skin) or steak. Evidence has shown that diets higher in saturated fats lead to a greater synthesis of sex hormones, the caveat being that it also increases your risk of heart disease as you age. This is why vegans are often thinner, have less pronounced reproductive fat (for females) and less musculature (for males), but also live longer than meat-eaters.

      So it is your choice. My suggestion is that you focus on health rather than how your body is shaped as the two do not always go hand in hand.

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  • Have others pointed out that it's shrinking or is this based on your own evaluation?

    But, if you're not doing squats w/ weight, then you should... every female should.

  • Squats. Lots of them.

    • That makes it smaller

    • No it doesn't. Just make sure you get over 2500 calories, and your ass will start to get firmer and bigger. Especially if you do weighted back squats. 90lbs

  • Change your diet plan? Squats lunges and a hearty meal/protien intake.

  • work out more
    help answer my?


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