Why is my butt getting smaller?

I have been losing weight but I don't want my butt to get smaller! I did some squats and lunges the other day and my butt seemed to have gotten smaller:(. I want a body like Rihanna. I also have been doing the special k diet. What can I do at the gym to make it bigger. I wasn't fat to begin with I just wanted to tone up. Should I eat more and then workout more.


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  • "sexyasianboi26" imo is spot-on.

    You're losing weight, but you want to lose waterweight and bodyfat, NOT MUSCLE.

    Protein shakes are absolutely useful. You can get a 2lb canister (~48 scoops @ ~24g protein per scoop) for less than $15. Drink one scoop mixed with water or milk within 30mins of finishing your workout.

    To get your protein through food, you probably already know meat and fish are the best source of protein from actual food.

    Also, don't forget cow or soy milk (almond milk has almost no protein btw), cottage cheese, yogurt (greek yogurt has double the protein and a richer flavor), canned/dry beans (one of the cheapest and most nutritional foods in the store), legumes, nuts, and cheese.

    Any ?'s for me?

    • Are protein shakes OK for a 16 year old girl? I do t wanna end up like a bulky weight lifter?

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    • Height-5'11 weight-146 target weight-130

    • link

      This imo is the most reliable caloric intake calculator (thanks to my university dietician).

      Use rarely for your activity level, and use your target weight and your current height...and use that as your guide for caloric intake.

      It's recommended to have protein be, for physically active ppl, at 20-40% of your calories.

      Protein is 4 calories per gram.

      So for 30% protein calories, the formula for the amount of grams is: (calorie intake) * 0.3 / 4

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  • Your doing the right exercises but your probably not taking enough protein.

    • I never thought of that. I guess that's true all I eat is cereal for breakfast and lunch and whatever is for dinner. Do you recommend protein shakes?

    • Yes but you gotta be careful and which protein shake. They are very effective, that means if you take too much your butt will take half the size of your body ha ha lol.

    • Lol we don't want that happening

  • Then you should do a**hole work outs. or butt workouts and eat a lot. you'll still stay skinny.

    • Mkay thx and any workout suggestions? To do at home and the gym?

    • I do this and my a**hole looks great! link You can also lean on something if you don't want to hold yourself up.

    • I would reccomend doing them at the gym because you'll feel like you're getting something done. I can focus better.

  • hahaha.

    well the skinnier you go. the butt shrinks

    why do you want your butt to grow?

    • My butt was kinda bigger before and I wanna be a bit more curvy but still being skinny. I ultimately wanna fill out my bikini bottoms more lol.

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    • yess lol

      a tall girls always looks good when she strips

    • Hahaha lol

  • Well in my opinion you're still young so you really have nothing to worry about. Plus some guys find tall petite or fit girls attractive... like me! Plus you'll fill out a little more when you get older.

    • Well teenage guys my age don't like that. They only seem to go for shorter girls who are "thick in the butt" or shorter girl period

    • Well don't change for them was my point. Trust me you'll find someone who will be attracted to you, you're still young with teenage boys who really don't know what they want, plus guys at that age some aren't even full grown, I was only like 5'4" at that age! I'm now average height for a male. You're still young yet, don't worry yourself about it so much.

    • Alright I'll try it won't be easy tho but thx

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