Is ADHD a turn off?

I have it and it has definitley hindered my life in the past. I have a lot of success today though and as soon I started taking medication my life completley changed for the better. Worried about coming out and telling perhaps a future girlfriend.

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  • I think it's an invented concept to give an excuse when you don't care enough to concentrate...
    So a turn off...
    I worked in schools - I know what's behind 'adhd'.

    • That's pretty ignorant. Sure a lot of people abuse it but a lot of people like myself really need the medication.

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    • I've completely turned my life around because of adderal. I went from working a minimum wage job not being considered stupid to now my senior year of mechanical engineering.

    • See... Aderall is a focus drug - anyone would get better grades and be able to perform better on it.

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  • Sorry, I accidentally said turn off. No its fine


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  • Who gives a shit about what turns women on or off? They're perverted anyway