Why do women always tend to bully me?

Its always me... and i have a feeling that i might... intimidated them somehow. Im nice and never pick fights, im extremely skinny and tall and they always bully me because they think or like to think im ''somali'' and today there were this two girls in the bus who decided to ''bully'' me , i ignored them but the girl after me made this look on her face like she ''smelled''something and the other girls next to her, this blonde girl, kept looking at me and blocked my way. I dont even know them, this shit happened to me many times and i feel like im being bullied for the way i ''look'' for no goddamn reason. This is me by the way , sometimes i feel like maybe i should fight them even if i lose so that they back off. Am i seriously disformed or something? Even men on the street bully me sometimes shouting things like ''somali'' or sarcastically ''or you are s hot''



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  • Because they are racist. I think you are beautiful. I don't know where you are in the world, but it looks like this place sucks.

    • i live in holland, and the other girls was black something mixed and the other was blonde white

    • They are thugs... What can we do, they exist...

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  • Because you let them? Because you don't speak b*tch too?

    If someone is bullying you, then the main problem is within them not you. They're the ones who choose to be vile, disgusting, tactless human beings. They need to do some soul searching and discover why exactly that is instead of taking it out on innocent bystanders.

    • you know why... ifought all my life and im tired, i have goals, i matured and dont feel like acting like a bitch to prove something, i want to be respected.

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    • I live in the south of Holland and i know i am an adult but maybe they think im 14 or something. I always feel like if i attack them back they might gang up on me and physically attack me and even tho i did martial arts its always in the back of my mind.

    • That's so odd for them to act like that as adults. This situation is weird. I'm honestly not sure what to tell you because I've never dealt with that before. If I did, I would simply be my sassy self and turn on my bitchitude. That tends to make people back down.

      If someone wants to attack you then just make sure there are 3 witnesses minimum, let them hit you first, and quickly, swiftly kick some azz especially if you have training.

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  • Because they're jealous of you. I think you're extremely beautiful and they probably wish they could have what you've already got. As for the men, they probably want you and feel like they don't have a chance with you and want to make you feel uncomfortable because they're insecure.

    • I dont care what i am, i even have troubles with my family sometimes, they shut me out of activities

    • I'm sorry to hear that. I know it must be tough but from what I've seen you seem like a genuine person, you certainly do care. Have you ever thought to ask them about this?

  • they probably think your prettyer then them I when I was cyber bullied on other websites I always got bullied more by woman and that was because I'm specilneeds and because I didn't have good grammer and spelling and they would bullie me for things