Messed up my chance with the perfect girl. What do I do?

Recently, i have been going out with a girl i met and turns out that she might be everything i wanted. Things were going so well even i couldnt believe it. She was making time for me, suggesting dates and even kissed me first.

However, i did nothing. Not even holding hands. I feel my inaction has really ruined it and now she says we should stop seeing each other because she feels thing are not moving towards a relationship.

Is there anything i can do? I really dont want to lose her.


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  • if she wants things to move forward and you tell her you want things to move forward, i dont see why shed dump you. its not the hand holding or whatever. she just needs to know where you stand.


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  • Plan a date or outing with her, and tell her that you do honestly like her a lot; you're just an idiot.

    • She told me that we should stop seeing each other when i did try to get her out again.

    • Try one epic romantic dinner and see what happens.

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  • You took too long to make a move. Girls get frustrated when men don't try to excite them. Not even holding hands?

    Sounds like you have no idea how to escalate. Only thing you can do is sleep with this girl but If you were to timid to hold hands I doubt you can get in her pants in a non creepy or rapey way.

    And don't put any person on a pedestal with this perfect girl stuff. Don't listen to anyone talking about a romantic gesture stuff. Netflix and chill and if she isn't down for that cut your losses and move faster with the next one. If you get out of your she'll and get other girls she might make her way back to you. DON'T break out of your she'll and date others with the intent of getting this one down the road.

    Why don't you want to lose her? Because she is the only cool chick who has given you the time of day? That's usually the story with inexperienced timid guys.

  • Talk to her and tell her all this.


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