So embarassed, accidentally called crush on viber at 3am! What to do?

Few days ago, I accidentally dialed the number of my crush, who I know in reality, however we never message. I got a notification that my contact has activated viber on windows and accidentally called him :/ it was late and I hung up, after the tone though. Then I blocked his number so that he doesn't see it's me... but he may have been online then, I don't know. Anyway I unblocked his number 3 days later, and just 2 hours ago I see a missed call from him on Viber and Whatsapp. Why did he call me? I mean I just accidentally dialed him and did not message sorry for that. He is unblocked now so my name and photo are there, therefore he knew he was calling me...
He is also my family friend and my girl friend's brother... I was planning to tell her that I like him soon. I feel so embarassed about the call and the fact that I like him, what if he doesn't feel the same, I will just be more embarassed, what if my friend says why I didn't tell her sooner, what should I do about this issue? Please help me, I never had a boyfriend too :(
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Hey, just to update on the situation. A week after I called him accidentally, I had a missed call from him! But I didn't call back. Then few days later, I just sent him a message on fb saying - I saw you called me, I accidentally called you that night, sorry. And he replied - Ah I accidentally called you as well, all good. Strange... what do you think? I am seeing my friend and will tell her soon
So embarassed, accidentally called crush on viber at 3am! What to do?
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