Accidentally called my old crush?

So it was 2:30am in the morning, i was looking at my old crushes # while going through my contacts. I clicked on his # and its shows options of calling, factime and whatsapp so i clicked on whatsapp thinking it will open the profile but it video called instead!!! I closed the app real fast but it didn't turn off so it basically rang for 3-4 seconds for sure. Now we talked 6 months ago , im sooo embarrassed he is going to think im such a creep. What do i do? It actually doesn't show on his chat box that i miscallled tho when i see his profile on whatsapp but it shows up on the out going. Ifby any chance hetells me to stop bothering him what do i do. We actually had great convos 6 months ago and it didn't end on a creepy note, i said bye and he never texted again. Now its super awks and its killin me
Accidentally called my old crush?
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