Why are Indian guys unpopular with girls?

not all are, but they're very low regarded, sometimes even as an opposite sex friend. why is this? they work hard, and have certain interests (basketball, Halo, joining a frat).

10 companies have Indian CEOs. That is NOT a bad thing. So, why are Indians still unpopular?


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  • They're too forward and demanding most of the time. Instead of asking if you want to go out the tell you that they will. It's probably just a cultural thing but it's annoying.

    • It's actually not a cultural thing, guys who do that are just plain rude that's all.

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    • And to me the majority of white women are promiscuous, have illegitimate children, live on welfare, do drugs, drink alcohol and smoke so to me the majority of white women are bad.

    • @Shay1994 NO RACE WAR. just end this. each race has their flaws and pros. END OF DISCUSSION

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  • Indians on GAG ruined my whole impression of them. I'm sure there are normal Indians out there, but knowing that they can be SO weird and creepy sends shivers down my back.

    • Ummm.. normal Indian here.. I get where you're coming from.. Indian men can be creepy and weird, but they are mostly uneducated, Bit it doesn't mean that the others don't deserve a chance..

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    • Not an excuse to be creepy but the percentage of creepy white guys is just as much out there but you don't see any girls judging them. And @Mgoods is right. You didn't say there were any normal Indians out there, you said "I'm sure" as in you're sure but you've never witnessed any normal Indian guys in your life or on GAG even though there are so many normal Indian guys here. That's hidden racism at it's finest because you're pretty much stating that the likelihood of guys being normal of certain races is very less likely than the others. Saying that guys of certain races are likely to send you shivers down your back just because of their race is also very racist. Difference between racists nowadays and non racists is racists are willing to use whatever excuses they look to put down people of certain and then act like they're not racist. They just go on with the stereotypes without thinking logically. This isn't the first question where I've noticed how racist you are MissNowhere.

    • @MyUsernameRules Oh please. No need to make assumptions. I can name quite a few Indians on GAG that are normal guys and that I like. How am I still a racist? You just misunderstood me, I forgive you. 😊

  • Depends, most of the time I'm not attracted to Indian men. Well , besides the facts that were already sited down (Creepy on Gag and other social media) they're not my favorite physically speaking, I prefer Pakistanis over Indians. I noticed that Muslim Indians tend to be lighter like the Bollywood actors and have more of a Caucasoid face, those Indians I might get attracted to (Punjabis for example, and yes not all Punjabis are Muslim).
    Culturally speaking, I like the music and clothes and some food, but the religion sometimes freaks me out (Hinduism), I totally respect it but some practices are WAY too different from what I know... For example throwing dead bodies in the Ganges River or the statues that represent the GODs kind of look like devils to me :s
    My lab partner is a Christian Indian and he's quite attractive and I really like him!!!
    In short I prefer lighter Indians and the ones from the upper class or the ones who live in Europe/North America and most generally they're Norther Indians and Muslim.

  • it's probably because of the broken English many of them speak and I don't know, I live in an Indian heavy populated city (I'm Indian myself) and lots of them tend to have really shitty gangster wannabe like attitudes and it makes so many of them come across as very unattractive. That's just me though, I can't speak for all women.

  • I personally dislike the culture, religion and the accents aren't that great sounding. Sorry, Indians, but yours just doesn't have an appealing ring to me.

    I also am not a huge fan of Indian food - I like it, but on occasion. I briefly lived with an Indian family and the smell of the food in the house was unbearable.

    I couldn't be with someone I disliked on so many levels. Cultural and religious differences aren't things I'd want to deal with when in a relationship. I'd much rather be with someone of a similar background as myself.

    I'm Russian and my boyfriend is English, so there's literally no adaptation required. I've developed a taste for some English foods, he's developed a taste for some Russian ones. That's pretty much it.

    • as you can see op this girl has different taste in men but not everyone is like that. it depends on the girl. some like indian men and some don't.

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    • And I hate white people to and I also like to throw baseless generalizations about white women too so I guess we're even.

    • @Springnok93

      What baseless generalisations? I said I dislike the culture, religion and accents.

      I'm not obligated to like any if it nor did I say I hated Indians.

      Way to show how much of a whiney little bitch you are, lol.

  • Because they think they are unpopular! I am really tired of these question! SHUT UP MAN!

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  • Because they creep chicks out, or so I've been told

    • how exactly?

    • Well because men in their culture are sexually repressed so they become over zealous and push girls to bang them or have sex or send sexy photos. Pretty creepy for most chicks i imagine.

  • The reality is India has like 1 billion people there and on top of that its a third world country. Its expected their manners and look won't always be up to par with what we think is desireable.

    Besides all that you can't take anything away from them. The food has a strong scent but also has many herbs and spices that are extremely beneficial for the human body. Yoga is practiced by everyone these days. Bollywood is the second biggest entertainment production centre in the world after hollywood. There are so many educated smart people from there. Next time someone you love gets sick, remember there is probably one indian doctor that had a hand in saving your loved ones life

    Hinduism is one of the oldest surviving religions around. Their spiritual sense and awareness of the world around us is legendary.

    If everyone was blind I wonder who would be praised the most... our society focuses too much on phsycial attributes these days

    Just an attempt to balance some of the negative comments here

  • we are the best looking men in the world and other guys are jealous and intimidated by what tall, dark and handsome hunks we all are without working towards it

  • So only thing I don't like about India is the caste system

    • I'm sure it is outdated (at least the Indians I met do not care about it. I am Indian, and even that is irrelevalent in my life)

  • Wow.. I don't know if I feel offended or just sad, that the opinions on Indians are so negative.. makes me really sad..

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