Why do most girls dislike Indian guys?

Hi girls...I am an Indian guy (East Indian) living in the US...I get a feeling that most girls here do not like Indian guys. For example, I was in the gym the other day for a group fitness class and we needed a partner to exercise with, so I was randomly paired up with one American girl....she did not even smile back at me and it seemed she did not want to even look at me. In daily life too, me and my Indian friends have experienced that most American girls put on a very contemptuous and unfriendly expression when an Indian guy happens to make a casual eye contact (not leering) with them.

What is it about most Indian guys that girls hate? looks? accent? behavior? height? color? I would really like to know what repels most girls from Indian guys and maybe try to improve if its possible.


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  • hi! I am an asian girl dated an Indian guy last week. he is white and not so tall.

    he was so nice during our first date. he said he likes me.. and my voice makes him calm.. and all of those sweet words.. gave me dozens of flowers and treat me to a cozy restaurant...

    i admit I like him. he is not that handsome.. but I like his personality. I mean I am a girl.. if a man is so nice to me I can like him...

    2nd pat of our date he asked me to have a drink. he gave me glasses of Vodka mixed with lime.

    we keep on drinking and I noticed that I am a little bit drunk...

    he carry me going to his hotel.. he lay me down on his bed... even though I am drunk I knw wht is happening... but I am so weak and lost my control. he started kissing me..

    then I realized that he is pulling my pants off! he insert his thing on me and I push him away. I said to him I trusted him so bad but he ruined it..i said take me home and he did ( at least he is gentle men to take me home) after that he called me and he changed. from romantic to an arrogant one... I forgive him on what he done but now I have difficulty in trusting...

    i don't generalized indian men.. it is just I had a bad experience in one of them...

    i hope some of them are not like that indian guy I went with...



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  • I actually have guy I work with that I also went to high school with that is an Indian. He is freaking hot. I think anyone who judges people on race, religion, anything lacks something inside. I have said it before and I will say it again. There is only one race, and that is the human race. You need to put the shun up on these types of girls. You don't need to improve yourself at all. Be proud of you are and where you came from. Screw those bitches.

  • The Answer is: She is probably uncultured (being American) and also she might not want you to think that if she's nice to you, that means she wants to date you. As many men always do. Also, Indian men are Asian men - the treatment of women in India and throughout Asia is considered backward. I have lived in Asia and have been to India, I even dated a Japanese man, I was engaged to him. Once we moved back to Japan he treated me terribly. I never believed that cultural stereotypes were to be applied generally to all. However, now I do see that culturally we in the west are so different from eastern cultures. I think women here associate Asian men with poor treatment of women and behind the times. I am not saying that is a correct assumption but statistically it is. An Asian man born here in the west, is a different issue. He'll have western sensibilities. I like the indian accent, it sounds nice. I think most people do like the accent. I'm sorry that you feel they seem contemptuous. If you're in the midwest or a southern state, I can see that easily. Also I have lived many years in Asian and have travelled extensively through the continent however, that is not typical of Americans so I have a unique understanding of both cultures and what the possible general assumptions are.

  • Well being a white girl with a diverse background, I keep an open mind when it comes to guys. as having dated and know men of different nationalities I believe indian guys are most respectful towards woman and there family and probably the nicest guys I have ever met. some of them have good looks. in all honesty to an american indian accents are funny but am guessing its something that you get used to once you know a person height and color really doesn't matter. the only reason I wouldn't really date an indian guy is because there so nice and loving I would be scared I would end up really liking the person and maybe spending a future with them and having the problem of having to conform into there religion and cultural beliefs which is completely different from my beliefs.

    but don't change for anyone there's a lot of woman in this world as long as you have a good personality am shore you will find a girl.

    ((ThE wHItE GuRl))

  • Hi.. im a filipina and im in a relationship with an indian for two years now and for me we really jive because even sometimes were having an argument on something we make sure that at the end of the day we talk about it and fixed it.. if a person is open minded he/she is broad minded to something and don't easily judge others.

  • I dunno maybe the kind of girls you attracted to don't find Indian men attractive...but I do =D

  • The Indian men I have met are polite but it doesn't take long to see that they are used to being considered special just because they are male. I fhave found them to be very weak- physically and not strong. This is a turn off. I think they have been spoiled and expect respect just because they are men. Indian women are stronger and harder working. If you want to live in the West you will find you have to earn respect. Work as hard as others and don't expect to be babied.

    • The reality of what you are saying is wrong, indian women are spoiled so much, it's unreal. I have an older sister and my parents paid over £100,000 in private schooling and another £60,000 on university now. I got sent to a public school. My sister gets spoiled all the time. I just think it's the cultural differences. I know that my generation/the last generation are breaking that barrier though.

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  • You can't help how other people feel about you, but you can affect how you feel about yourself. Along with that statement, I am also going to say, that what you believe to be true and what you expect to happen, usually will.

    From being in sales a while I can tell you, that whatever you are worried about,. Or whatever you expect to happen, will. If you think that every person you meet is going to keep their distance from you, then they will. If you think that all the people this week that you have to sell to, won't have money,. They won't. Etc, etc.

    The reason this happens I believe is because as people, we wear our thoughts/emotions/expectations for everyone to see. If I walk into a home, thinking that they don't want me there because I am a sales person, then I am going to project that, and they will pick up on it, and act exactly the way that I thought they would.

    If you think that American girls are not going to respond well to you,. Then they won't.

    However, if you are confident in yourself, and know that your going to make that sale tonight and that the people will respect you and listen to you,. They will. It's not that you change how they are,. Just what YOU are projecting.

    If you have confidence in yourself and stop worrying about how other people will act and just be genuinely friendly, then you will probably notice a very big difference. I have a few indian friends that are very sure of themselves and they don't seem to have these issues.

    Now, with that said, some girls will just not like indian guys,. Just like some girls will not like white guys or asian, etc, etc. That is really the exception to the rule though. For the most part if you change your attitude and expections towards the world, then you will notice a difference in how the world looks at you.

    Best regards.

  • Im an Indian Guy born and raised in European country. Here they are somewhat xenophobic also protecting their culture I guess, but still I consider myself very lucky. Its how you carry yourself and how confident you are. In fact it has nothing to do if you are Indian or not. I may be lucky with my looks, but for years of shyness or fear; The way you are raised in an Indian home (as I was a in University only then my parents started behaving modern and comprehended and accepted the bi-cultural we live in, and now we are perfect the we are as people) it is many times the fault of Parents of indoctrinating their children (and that goes for all cultures) with their Cultural background, traditions and values (which have immense value at the same time). Indian parents ask a lot from their children and many times instill fear and this fear is a cultural monster. Even my parents whom I consider highly intelligent and cosmopolitan people, didn't get it that in everything there is needed a balance. Only when they saw that their rebel son was just doing better than they had expected in his character by taking my life and my thoughts into my own hands, they let go and now are even proud. What I am trying to say is do not feel you have to suck up to anyone, and especially not just any chick who's only nice introduction to you probably was her looks (maybe don't know). Beauty alone shall never impress you. Think of yourself as Soul and see only other souls, and think everyone else just sees souls and no flesh. Soon you realize how human behavior is actually Cliche.

    I am Indian, but don't really care so much I am. I care of who I am as a person.

    Here even where I would girls rather dating white guys, I stand out. Without bragging, women talk to me/ flirt all the time. I know its also my looks(so Indian guys can be quite attractive), but I had them also 5 years ago, where I knew how to be with women, but my indoctrination of an illusive perfect marriage story, happily ever after made me more fearful of hurt in any way and also rejection at times that I didn't Date girls further then kissing, unless it happened in the same night. I only wanted this or be married with the perfect girl. Get this kind of sh*t out of your head, because everything is anticipation. You don't have to sleep with women to learn about yourself in this area. You just go with your own little perfect flow and take things smoothly. DOnt take anything a woman does personal, unless they are life matters like serious love. But then always let your gentleness, parents try to teach you while being a bad example themselves many times out in your own best way.

    FOr the girl who got mistreated by the Indian dude who was at first nice, it makes me angry. I hate to see this stupidity to handle their emotions, I mean guys, especially Indians. The reason I see is f***ed up Indian movies screw up their emotional balance, society pressure in India, etc. I am sorry this happened to you. Depends on person

  • I am a guy and I will give you answer? Listen carefully and think

    This world as created a caste system where white is on top and the darkest shade is at the bottom. Indians, mixed breeds Asians you guys even half blacks were just f***ing happy to not be at the bottom. Basically your new to America not western culture but Americans cannot understand that Indians and Pakistani have been more dominant in migration to Britain old colonial country. People familiar with cricket, European football, tennis etc Indian food is more common to white Europeans meaning British than Americans. So people look at you as wanting to jump the line. Then look at how world looks at south Asians, (bombs threats, y2k,bin laden, honour killings, wife beatings, infanticide of female babies, clitoris mutilation though Muslim but brown people get grouped into one pot. Eh some girls even think he got is wife at home in the old country, Some women cannot identify with spacey foods---But in general India has some of the most beautiful women in the world---largest middle class population. Indian guys come with money and attitude and white women have turned down black with money---So you need to realize the women you are dealing people look at caste system and name "Girl at gym she says who cares your just a Paki" What's sad you care if you really like a girl treat her nice be proud of your self stop trying to be too white---and find your place in the line which is probably right in of the line with the middle and lower class people and blacks mind you blacks are some good athletes with really big d***s but they usually get a middle class white girl or really nice black girl, Look at Elizabeth Hurley when her career fizzled and she was getting tired she step down and married a rich Indian guy She would have taken a rich famous white guy but their was no takers--Its called stepping down these white bitches too old and you f***ing Pakistani Indians and blacks you pick them up--Leave them alone don't judge book by cover, really want a white girl after all that lower your f***ing standards now.

    for your question behaviour, attitude, silent type and next time ask bitch like the black do ! Eh what's you up you seem so down if you have a thing against Indians I leave why stay and take that sh*t--I have seen some nice looking Indian guys with white girls when you ask these questions sometimes post your picture so people tell where to look for white girls.

    Here is a tip Russian women ethnic they like Indians, Bulgarians like Indians, British women, try Hispanic a shade down from colour caste but close see your problem now love is strange Eastern Europeans Dutch women

    best I could do babybeefcake

  • I have had same problem with finding myself some date.
    I like Asian girls and want to date one too.
    Bcoz I grow beard and do not have a athletic body i get ignored most of the time.
    This puts me off and i stop trying.
    I dont like to fake things which also puts things down.
    My experince is bad till now.
    I feel bad sometimes but there is also a problem where guys overdose their personality with doing stupid stuff and put others down.

  • A lot of indian guys in the UK tend to have a high opinion of themselves and have an arrogant streak. They tend to hang out in groups of other indian guys which people find intimidating. If they accept that they are no better than anyone else and mixed with other groups they would be more accepted.

    • We would love to mix with other groups. We are not wanted by other groups. When you are put down every day, you create a mental sheild, you call it an arrogant streak, I call you a right-wing sepratist racist. You throw up your defencies, which trigger ours. Every time you point your finger and accuse us, your pointing three fingers towards yourself. Your parents probably said the same of black guys in the 50's/60's. How many non white friends do you have? How many languages to you speak?

    • Really old Q/A thread, but I understand where you are coming from a bit, but I think this is due in part to the socioeconomic strata of the Indians who migrate to the UK or the US. For the most part they come from very rich families and a higher social caste in India. Some of that just carries over.