What are the benefits of dating a tall guy? and what problems do guys have when short girls?

My boyfriend is 6'1 and I am 5'1 maybe 5'0 . I heard there's a lot of perks with dating a tall guy but the last two guys I dated were tall and I still didn't see anything different. also I wanted to know if anything in the bedroom would be difficult or anything would limit us.


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  • What would the perks be?

    The greater the height difference, the harder it becomes to do anything and everything physical.

    • that doesn't sound like much of a perk.. 😅

    • I mean, it won't make things impossible, but it would make things harder in the bedroom. But, hey, if you like the guy, you can work things out.

    • yeah that's true, I'm sure we'll figure it out

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  • 1. um doggy style is do able but kissing while um cough... Is not happening hahahahha
    2. any kissing while cough is impossible.
    3. finally finding the right bed hahahhahaha...

    (The cough's are me not using F*cking out of respect cause i dont know if you swear or not and i know about this cause my last girlfriend was 4'9" and im about 6'0")

    • 😂haha it's alright I swear... definitely too much for my own good lol but thanks

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    • i get you, although i lean more towards taller girls, height really doesn't matter if she's got other things that i like

  • well!!! Im the opposite!!! I've dated tall girls, one was even 5 inches taller than me, it's actually kinda cool, so i don't think height matters much, you'll find a way lol. The shortest girl i dated was about 5'2 or 5'3 and that wasn't much of a height difference, since im 5'7. Sex, whether it's with a short girl or tall girl is great

  • The main benefits for dating an tall guys are connected to their masculinity, strength and looks, man should be taller then a woman, otherwise it's looks very weird, as for guy being much more taller then an girl, it's little exaggerated, so one hand the girl would look even more feminine with an guy who is much taller then her, but on the other hand the gap between them might lead to some problems. :)



    • yeah I get that. personally I think that when a guy is taller than his girl it's the cutest thing

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    • @TheSpartan who's a bit of a troll? and yeah , strong and masculine is different but that's alright I got your point

    • I am not trolling I am telling the truth that not many are willing to tell, even when they know that it's true, and also I am telling what I am really believing in. Yes I choice to show an guy that is average in teams of muscles if that what you mean, he is not someone that work out much, but the question is about height and not about muscle mass. That guy is still much stronger then the girl beside him thinks to an quite big height advantage, I don't thing that there is any dout about it, and that why he still looks masculine, if he was of a height of an woman or an child then it was unmanly, if you want to see an scene of tall and muscular guy beating an small criminals and saving the girl, then you can alway look that scene of Dolph Lundgren. :)


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  • Those proportions are best for the bedroom. I'm a giant female and sucks bc I need like a Amazonian male ( which don't exist ) to do some things in the bedroom.

    • How huge? men are naturally taller then women, so it's very unlikely that there is not an taller men then you somewhere, you should just push hard to find them. :D


    • @Berethor I'm 6' so anywhere from 6'2" to 6'7" would be perfect. But it seems all the guys over 6' are attracted to petite girls, like 5'2" .. such a waste

    • @ImAUnicorn333 well you surely teller then me, as I am 5'11", so you right that you an "giant", especially for an girl, but I would say that I am to find is kinda stupid for an very tall guy to actually prefer an girls that is much smaller then him, I know that for some guys simple don't care as long as they are taller then the girl and not the other way around, and you are right that that kind of behavior is leaving tall girls in very bad spot. Personally I prefer girls that are much taller then 5'2", as least as far as height is concerned, because I find taller girls as more fitting for me, as long as they are not too tall for me of course, and also I prefer to have an higher chances for my children to be tall enough as well, and that is the reason that if I date an girl that is much taller then me, it's I who is compromising, as far as height is concerned.

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