Do men desire women more than what women desire men?

I believe the answer to this question is "yes," but I also want to read other people's opinions. I believe this for a number of reasons. It's mostly the men who do all the chasing. Also, women are naturally more attractive than men. Even a good looking man can find it a challenge getting a woman interested in him or getting her into bed, whereas a good looking woman can easily get a man.

Another thing I've noticed is that a woman is far more likely to end a relationship over minor things. If a woman has children with a man she knows that she can just dump him and turn to big brother government for financial support. Even though there are many dead beat dads, there are many women who push men away after they have given birth. For many women, as long as they can financially support themselves and their children, they can do without a man. However, for most men, I think they feel more fulfilled when they are in a good relationship with an attractive woman. But so many women seem to lack interested in being with a man.

It's not women's fault that they don't have the same level of interest. I guess this is just the way God chose to create man and woman. It's just a real ball ache having to work hard at getting a woman interested and competing against so many other men. I gave up long ago. It just doesn't feel worth it.


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  • The issue is we don't often want the same things. Men want fast, sexual relief. Women want love and affection and promises. Men are far more desperate to get their dick wet, women are far more desperate to get him to say he forsakes all others for her.

    Nature decided men need to impregnate as many things as they can, women need to ensure there are enough things to keep them and baby safe.

    • I disagree. This is a myth that the media wants everyone to believe. I believe men want both love and sex. What I've witnessed over many years is when you give women lots of love and affection, they treat you like crap. We know how much lots of women go for bad guys. This idea that most women seek love and commitment is a myth. The more you love women, the worse they tend to treat you.

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    • ... people want both? They want to feel desired by many and also want devotion. We have more options open to us now than we ever had and we exploring what that means while still feeling stuck in traditional roles such as marriage.

    • But that shows just how deluded you are. Women today aren't independent because they rely on big brother government. The only reason the government liberated women was to destroy the family. That's why the majority of divorces are instigated by women because the government has changed the laws to encourage women to divorce their husbands and not need a man. That's why a single mother can get a free house and benefits. And actually, before the feminist movement, women still had protective rights. If a man divorced his wife he couldn't just leave her destitute. He could be jailed for failing to provide for her and his children. Men didn't have it any easier, it's just that women have been completely brainwashed by feminism and the media. Men were happy to get married in those days because fathers had equal rights and women couldn't use the legal system to screw men over like they do today. That's why more men today pursue sex instead of marriage.

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  • i believe men and women initially desire in different ways. it isn't really one of those things we can compare, because male desire and female desire are different.

  • well there are less guys than girl!


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  • I think so.

    I'm not even totally convinced that most women have sex drives.


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