Why Turkish men are obsessed with Russian girls?

I went to Turkey last summer and they were REALY weird.

They always told me that Turkish woman are ugly but I can't say that Turkish men are attactive. So it doesn't make sense.
Women* and attractive*


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  • I think you're exaggerating. Not all Turkish women are ugly. Not all Turkish men are ugly. I've seen some gorgeous Turkish men.
    Also not every Russian woman is pretty or appealing. There are ugly and pretty people in all races.
    Maybe a minority Turks like Russian women but I doubt all of them do!

    • You are right but also ı want to add something , iranian and other arabic males like them too ! And most of turkish women and men has no character

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    • @Ssbrk - no problem :) I think it depends on a male or female personal preference.
      @Asker - again you're making an assumption! Not all ME's have character problems as you put it. I could say the same for some White people. Emphasis on SOME because not every person in a race is shallow or indecent. As for women not having rights - again that depends on a male. Many males do give women their rights but its also due to the laws of the country they live in - again you're making an assumption. Besides your question was on Turks finding Russians attractive - where did ME pop up from it?

    • @ssbrk- you're Turkish too -does that mean you have no character? According to the Asker you don't lol

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  • As a turkish , i dont interest girls but i can tell why , turkish girls are hard for turkish men. And turkish men love easy and cheap girls. Turkish women want expensive stuffes. Thats why. İn my opinion , russian girls are not beautiful as shown. Yeah they are tall maybe. If i was a girl i would never meet any turkish guy

    • Cheap? Every country has slutty women and i dont like turkish man. Why am i "cheap" because im russian?

    • I didn't call you cheap. Most of whores ( ukranian , moldovian , russian ) women work in turkey and northern cyprus as an escort or something like than. Also Russian girls want to live in here and they marrying with turkish men. Because of weather or something like that. you know russia is cold. And most of turkish girls are not tall and blonde but not at all. So russian girls come attractive to turkish men. Also I want to say , not turkish men only interesting russians. Probably all arabic men like russians

  • Because we like white women and majority of white women we can interact with are Russian.

    Plus, why does it not make sense when an unattractive man likes an attractive woman. It's only normal.

    • Yes but they can't thinks bad things about women when they're ugly too. Its double standarts and aren't some of Turkish girls white too?

    • White means pale skin and blue eyes and blonde hair and stuff. Turkish people are kinda white, but not really.

      Why would you not think bad about someone when you're also ugly? Are your thoughts dependent on your looks?

    • You can think they're ugly but blaming them for this is rude when you both have same genes

  • Russian women are gorgeous... maybe that's why.

    • I just dont understand their double standarts. If i were Turkish women i world never date with A turkish men bc they're really discusting

    • Actually you lost me, who hates whom? and why are you upset?

  • I want to explain this issue over two different angles.
    In Turkey, %98 of people are muslim, this creates a pressure over women about virginity. And this pressure makes creates another pressure in society leading to asexualism until marriage. That makes virginity a treasure for women. And women who own this virginity act with huge caprice. The men has to be romantic, rich, easygoing, kind and so on..
    But for a Turkish men it is not easy to own those all. However when you compare a potential turk girl to a russian girl, the ugliest russian girl will be at same level with the most beautiful Turkish girl.
    So having a relationship with a russian girl means no caprice, more happiness and no barriers in sex.
    But it will be incomplete if i deny that all turkish men are innocent. Because there are a lot of easy sex hunter turkish men. But also there are good turkish men who are looking forward to be happy with a beautiful russian girl.
    I do not know if can explain accurately but i will be glad to explain if you have further queries.

  • Those people are dicks, I don't know which part of Turkey you exactly went, no regular Turk would insult their women. The most disgusting People in Turkey have invaded our touristic areas unfortunately, this causes a huge misrepresentation of us. Change your destination next time if you ever wish to visit Turkey again.

  • Who in gods name did you speak to?
    In future, don't group people together.


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