Why do men love russian women?

why do men love Russian women and want them so badly why Russia I know one guy he obsessed Russian women I mean obsessed and nothing else will do why is this .i just hear so much about them I am just wondering .all he every talk to is Russian women no other country in world will do he like good looking very slim tall girls and nothing will do him I am just wondering why

he super shallow he consider women over 29 years old as old what does that tell you
+1 y
does not explain why he so obsessed with Russian women for last few years it makes no sence

he only wants to bother with russina women and no other country .its weird he actual thinks

he find love with Russia woman only Russia woman it make no sense. why he so obssessed with RUSSIAN WOMEN .how did get that obsession in the 1st place i,d like to know are other women in other countries not beautiful at all so ?
Why do men love russian women?
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