Girl didn't want to kiss me because she's sick?

I have gone out with this girl twice. On the first date we spoke for 3 hours and her body language was very positive. She offered to drive me back to my car and agreed to meet again. I asked her out again to which she agreed and we went out last night. I thought it went pretty well - dinner there were a few quiet moments but I think maybe because we were eating.

Before this second date she warned me she was sick. But she didn't really seem to be. I walked her back to her car and she said she had a lot of fun and would contact me in the new year to go out again. We hugged for a while and then I looked her in the eyes and went for a kiss - but she turned away. I pecked her cheek and she just said 'im sorry I don't want you to get sick'. I though ok fine, asked her to text me when she got home so I knew she was made it ok. She did text and thanked me again.

I can't help but think that her being sick was an excuse and she actually won't want to see me anymore. If you're really into a guy, even if you are sick, wouldn't you want to have that first kiss? I'm considering moving on from her because of this because I think it's a sign of disinterest regardless of what she said to my face. Or should I try persuing her one more time? I already feel really embarrassed about failing the kiss

I've decided to let it go. It's been hard to think about but if she's not interested she's not interested. If she is, she knows how to reach me. Being told one thing when they don't mean it doesn't get easier to take though
Today she texted me out of the blue wishing me a happy new year and asking what I did that night. Now I'm beyond confused...


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  • Personally, I have used the sick thing as an excuse before. She may just be being polite and doesn't want to hurt your feelings in any way. There is a possibility that she may be using it as an excuse as she doesn't know how to face you and tell you the truth just yet.
    Although, I would just leave it as I think there is also a possibility that she may actually be sick and she may not have seen her refusal of a kiss as being in any way a form of rejection, just her not wanting to give you her illness.
    If this situation is bothering you then I think it may be good to have some form of closure, so maybe mention it to her, ask her if she would like to go out again with you. Make her feel comfortable and let her know that there are no hard feelings if the truth is that she isn't interested in you that way. Her rejecting your kiss may just be because she was nervous and she wasn't prepared for you to make a move like that.

    Hope I helped :)

    • **wouldn't just leave it

    • I thought so. It just sucks when she's the one bringing up seeing me again and the other signs were positive, but in reality she never meant any of it. I'll leave it for a few days and see if she contacts me maybe - she did say she'd be in touch with me, but I've also had women tell me that so that I don't contact them again. Ugh..

    • With there being positive signs from her there is always a chance that she does actually like you, but I can't tell you that she definitely does or doesn't. But yeah I think leaving it for a couple of days might help, it'll give you a chance to see whether she actually intends to get back in touch with you. I'm sure you're a great guy so I wouldn't take this to heart, if she doesn't get in contact with you whether it's to ask you out again or to politely turn you down then she's not worth it :)

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  • I think it would hurt for one more try! It was a one time thing saying she was sick this time, if there are excuses a second time then obviously she doesn't like you but I think you should give it one more try! After all she did text you when she got home so that's something

    • Yea that's what I'm thinking too but I asked her to text me after. Just sucks being told something that isn't true

  • I had done this to a girl but it was not an excuse! I was sick for real! Plus I really really wanted to kiss her :D
    In that case you'll need to try again and see her reaction! Just take it easy and approach her considerate and you'll understand the whole situation.

  • Yeah kinda weird. She wouldn't kiss you cause she doesn't want you to get sick... But she still hugged you and let you kiss her cheek so yeah

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