Guys, would you date a girl who is underweight?

I have always been underweight and I would like to clarify that I do not strave myself. I feel full really quickly so I eat small portions. All of my family and relations are slim as well. I am 5'3, weigh 95lbs and wear a size 4/6 (uk size). Do guys find very skinny girls unattractive?


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  • Just because your underweight it doesn't mean you're not living a healthy and fit lifestyle, it just means you're carrying less fat and that's a good thing.

    Just look at Sharni Vinson... super skinny, super fit and looking amazing for it!


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  • it s fine I guess
    I am 5'4 and weight 110lbs and I have muscle weight and I look good
    so I guess you look fine as is

    • 110lbs isn't even underweight though that's quite a bit in the health weight area.

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    • id rather not.. but thank you for your opinion :) I am going to try exercising regularly but my knees are quite weak, i shall work through it ! :)

    • if you re knees are weak it s more of a reason to exercise... this would be quite bad when you get older.
      also fix your diet with more proteins and carbs
      you re wlc and tc ^^

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  • If I found her pretty and I like her personality, I'd date her. If you're worried about being so skinny, try building some muscle

  • When I can start counting the vertebrae in her back it's kind of a turn off.


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