Why do men act this way?

i go on dates with guys- usually they look like they want to run- some of them. I'm
a very pretty female who's also really nice caring and genuine. I duno if they're intimidated but
some get really rude. truth is, i am a great catch, but i dont think or act that way. I could be very
arrogant and talk about myself, and be a b*tch but im def the opposite. But the guys usually act
arrogant or act as if theyre so important or great or are mean to me or cut me off. I went on one date
recently which was horrible- the waiter was being dominant towards me and the jerk guy began
doing the same- he was crazy. I had a date recently, and he had lost his wife months ago. Ok yes it was sad, and i was sympathetic, but he turned it into a date where he acted so arrogant and kept
saying he wasn't EVER looking for a relationship. I wasn't really looking for one with him, but he
said that just to be mean to me. He also kept talking about himself, and was self absorbed. He wasn't
humble or nice.. and was being kind of a jerk just to be rude to me. I was nice and even had to
play psychologist almost and calm him down and be nice to him.

Its sad that he meets a beautiful kind woman and rather than be nice to her, he acts like a jerk.
a lot of guys are jerks to me and im really nice--why do men do this to really good and kind women
be jerks to them... but theyre nice to mean women or others.. most guys are downright cruel to me
i can't get the cruelty towards someone who is so nice and sweet...

are these men sadists? evil or sick inside? whats the point of being so mean to someone who's
really nice- why try to make nice people feel bad? by the way this guy wasn't good looking or
anything.. and he was older. im young beautiful and i could be a b*tch if i want but i hate being
mean to people n never would do that...
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for demonic troll people here-im a gorgeous woman and lots of guys want to be with me, usually doctors lawyers and successful people including celebrities like me a lot. so for sociopaths who want ot be nasty, im talking about jerks online who are creeps and assholes.. normal men are nice and how dare people use others evil actions to put someone down.. people who treat others badly are the bad people... I've dated doctors, lawyers and even male models before
Why do men act this way?
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