Guys, What does a guy really mean when he says the ball is fully in your court?

So I started talking to a guy online and we organised to meet but then I got scared (because of a previous bad experience with another date where I got abused because I didn't want to meet the guy again) I actually ended up telling him this and he was really nice about it and said if I did feel like meeting one day that it was up to me and "the ball is fully in your court".
I didn't end up messaging because I felt embarrassed about how I acted.
Nearly 4 weeks later he messaged me out of the blue and asked how I was and he asked again if I wanted to meet and this time I said yes and met him. It was a really good date, I felt really comfortable with him and the conversation just flowed. At the end he said, again, "the ball is fully in your court, I know you've had jerks before so it's up to you".
I had hoped that he would message me the day after but he didn't so a few days later I messaged him to say I had a good time, he messaged back nearly 24 hours later which made me feel like he wasn't interested. I messaged back but didn't ask a question and didn't hear from again. So I messaged him a couple days later and said do you want to catch up again he said he would but he said he was busy but asked when I was free next week to organise something then. Is he really interested to see me again? Is he just being polite? I really started feeling like he didn't want to see me again but when I finally got the courage to just ask him he didn't say no but we haven't organised another date yet. I don't know what to think, he doesn't seem to be in rush to see me again
Guys, What does a guy really mean when he says the ball is fully in your court?
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