IF A guy let you see him checking you out. what is he trying to say?

What does it mean when a guy gives you elevator eyes when u are talking? I have talked to him on the phone before on a few occasions for work stuff and this was the first time I met him. He seems pretty confident and flirty on the phone when we would briefly talk. When I met him in person We were talking and he just looked at me up and down when I was looking at him. He didn't smile afterwards. Did he want a reaction from me? This was in a work setting. Was he trying to tell me something? He was moving his eyes up and downGUY


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  • Well since we are talking about one guy specifically, I don't think anyone here can really give you a clear answer on this. My guess is that you like him a bit if you're spending this much time thinking about what him looking at means in relation to you. I honestly don't think it means anything and maybe you are getting a little inside of your head though honestly.

  • This is a normal thing, what is going on in his mind is unknown


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